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2013Case of study: Identity theft in a university WLAN: Evil twin and cloned authentication web interfaceBriones, Jose Maria; Coronel, Mario Alejandro; Chavez-Burbano, Patricia Actas de congresos
2014Ad-hoc network implementation and experimental testing using low cost and COTS componentsChavez-Burbano, Patricia ; Marin-Garcia, Ignacio; Muñoz-Arcentales, AndresActas de congresos
2014Adaptive evacuation management system based on monitoring techniquesMunoz, Jose A.; Calero, Vanesa; Marin, Ignacio; Chavez, Patricia ; Pérez Jiménez, R. Actas de congresos
2015Adaptive Evacuation Management System Based on Monitoring TechniquesSuarez Muñoz, José Andrés ; Calero, Vanesa; Marin, Ignacio; Chavez Burbano, Patricia ; Pérez Jiménez, Rafael adaptative_evacuation_management.pdf.jpg
2015Indoor location technique based on visible light communications and ultrasound emittersMarin-Garcia, I.; Chavez-Burbano, P. ; Muñoz-Arcentles, A.; Calero-Bravo, V.; Perez-Jimenez, R. Actas de congresos
2017Considerations on visible light communication security by applying the risk matrix methodology for risk assessmentMarín-García, Ignacio ; Chavez Burbano, Patricia ; Rabadán Borges, José Alberto ; Guerra Yánez, Víctor ; Pérez-Jiménez, Rafael Artículojournal.pone.0188759.pdf.jpg
2017Optical camera communication for smart citiesChavez-Burbano, Patricia ; Guerra, Victor ; Rabadan, J. ; Perez-Jimenez, Rafael Actas de congresos
2017Experimental characterization of close-emitter interference in an Optical Camera Communication SystemChavez-Burbano, Patricia ; Guerra, Victor ; Rabadan, Jose ; Rodríguez-Esparragón, Dionisio ; Perez-Jimenez, Rafael Artículosensors-17-01561.pdf.jpg
2018RGB Synchronous VLC modulation scheme for OCCJurado-Verdu, Cristo; Guerra, Victor ; Rabadan, Jose ; Perez-Jimenez, Rafael ; Chavez-Burbano, Patricia Actas de congresos
2018Novel Indoor Localization System Using Optical Camera CommunicationChavez-Burbano, Patricia ; Guerra, Victor ; Rabadan, Jose ; Jurado-Verdu, Cristo; Perez-Jimenez, Rafael Actas de congresos
2018Evaluating the risk of eavesdropping a visible light communication channelMarín García, Ignacio ; Guerra Yánez, Víctor ; Chavez Burbano, Patricia ; Rabadán Borges, José Alberto ; Pérez Jiménez, Rafael Artículo
2019Optical camera communication system for Internet of Things based on organic light emitting diodesChavez-Burbano, P. ; Vitek, S.; Teli, S. R.; Guerra, V. ; Rabadán Borges, José Alberto , et alArtículo
2019Optical Camera Communication system for three-dimensional indoor localizationChavez-Burbano, Patricia ; Guerra Yánez, Víctor ; Rabadán Borges, José Alberto ; Pérez Jiménez, Rafael Artículo