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2012Structural characterization and metabolite profiling of the facultative marine fungus Paecilomyces variotiiToledo Marante, Francisco Javier ; Mioso, Roberto ; Bermejo Barrera,Jaime ; González González, Juan Emilio ; Santana Rodriguez, Juan Jose , et alArtículo
2014Natural products chemistry applied to aquaculture: an interdisciplinary reviewMioso, Roberto ; Toledo Marante, Francisco J. ; Herrera Bravo de Laguna, I. ; Bessonart, MartínArtículo
2014Metabolite profiling of Schizochytrium sp. by GC-MS, an oleaginous microbial source of biodieselMioso, Roberto ; Toledo Marante, Francisco J. ; González González, Juan Emilio ; Rodriguez, Juan J. S. ; Herrera Bravo de Laguna, Irma Artículo
2014Química de productos naturales aplicada a la acuiculturaMioso, Roberto ; Toledo-Marante, Francisco J. ; Herrera Bravo De Laguna, Irma ; Bessonart, MartínArtículo699754.pdf.jpg
2014Biomolecules produced in liquid-state fermentation by a marine-derived fungus, penicillium roquefortiMioso, Roberto ; Toledo Marante, Francisco J. ; Herrera Bravo De Laguna, Irma ; González-González, J. E. ; Rodríguez, Juan J.S. Artículo
2014Recycled x-ray films as an alternative support for thin-layer chromatography platesMioso, Roberto ; Herrera Bravo de Laguna, Irma ; Toledo Marante, Francisco J. ; Barbosa-Filho, José M.Artículo
2014New host for Dissodactylus crinitichelis (Decapoda, Pinnotheridae): first record of occurrence on Mellita quinquiesperforata (Echinodermata, Echinoidea)Lima, Silvio F.B.; Queiroz, Vinicius; de Laguna, Irma Herrera Bravo ; Mioso, Roberto Artículo
2014Evidence of a New Intermediate Compound of the Chitin Biogenesis Found in a Marine-Derived FungusToledo Marante, Francisco Javier ; Herrera Bravo De Laguna, Irma ; Vicente Torres, Nestor; Mioso, Roberto Artículo
2015Extraction of nutraceuticals from Spirulina (blue-green alga): a bioorganic chemistry practice using thin-layer chromatographyHerrera Bravo De Laguna, Irma ; Toledo Marante, Francisco J. ; Luna-Freire, Kristerson R.; Mioso, Roberto Artículo
2015Penicillium roqueforti: a multifunctional cell factory of high value-added moleculesMioso, R. ; Toledo Marante, F. J. ; Herrera Bravo de Laguna, I. Reseña
2015Marine sponge lectins: actual status on properties and biological activitiesFilho, Sandro Mascena Gomes; Cardoso, Juscélio Donizete; Anaya, Katya; Do Nascimento, Edilza Silva; De Lacerda, José Thalles Jucelino Gomes, et alReseñamarine_sponge_lectins_actual.pdf.jpg
2015Chemical constituents of the fermentation broth of the marine-derived fungus "Penicillium roqueforti"Mioso, Roberto ; Toledo Marante, Francisco Javier ; Herrera Bravo De Laguna, Irma Artículo
2015The chemical diversity of the ascomycete fungus Paecilomyces variotiiMioso, Roberto ; Toledo Marante, Francisco Javier ; Herrera Bravo De Laguna, Irma Reseña
2015Enzymes and bioproducts produced by the ascomycete fungus Paecilomyces variotiiHerrera Bravo de Laguna, I. ; Toledo Marante, F. J. ; Mioso, Roberto Reseña
2016Synthesis and antileishmanial activity of natural dehydrodieugenol and its mono- and dimethyl ethersRodrigues, Luis Cezar; Barbosa-Filho, José Maria; de Oliveira, Marcia Rosa; do Nascimento Néris, Patrícia Lima; Borges, Flávio Valadares Pereira, et alArtículo
2017Cytotoxic compounds derived from marine sponges. A Review (2010-2012)Mioso, Roberto ; Toledo-Marante, Francisco J. ; De Souza Bezerra, Ranilson; Pereira Borges, Flavio Valadares; De Oliveira Santos, Barbara V., et alReseñaCytotoxic_compounds_derived.pdf.jpg
2017Formation of bioactive benzofuran via oxidative coupling, using coconut water (Cocos nucifera L.) as biocatalystRodrigues, Luís Cezar; Barbosa-Filho, José Maria; Gomes Marques, Sany Delany; Pereira Borges, Flávio Valadares; De Araújo Silva, Luiz André, et alArtículoFormation_of_bioactive.pdf.jpg
2018Identification and quantification, by NMR and LC-MS, of sterols isolated from the marine sponge Aplysina aerophobaFerriol, Pere ; Toledo Marante, Francisco J. ; Brouard Martin, Ignacio; Santana-Rodriguez, Jose J. ; Guedes Alonso, Rayco , et alArtículo
2018Synthesis of natural phenylpropanoid esters via conventional chemical reactionsBorges, Flávio; Mioso, Roberto ; de Araújo Silva, Luiz André; Barbosa-Filho, Jose Maria; Duarte, Gabrielly, et alArtículoSynthesis_natural_phenylpropanoid .pdf.jpg