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Analysis of alloantisera against bovine lymphocytes. Joint report of the 1st International Bovine Lymphocyte Antigen (BoLA) WorkshopSpooner, R. L.; Oliver, R. A.; Sales, D. I.; McCoubrey, C. M.; Millar, P., et al197910.1111/j.1365-2052.1979.tb01009.xAnimal Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics[ISSN 0003-3480],v. 10, p. 63-86Artículo
Lymphocyte antigens in sheepStear, M. J. ; Spooner, R. L.198110.1111/j.1365-2052.1981.tb01559.xAnimal Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics[ISSN 0003-3480],v. 12, p. 265-276Artículo
Mixed lymphocyte reactivity in cattleNEWMAN, M. J.; CAMPION, J. E.; STEAR, M. J. 198210.1111/j.1399-0039.1982.tb00332.xTissue Antigens[ISSN 0001-2815],v. 20, p. 100-107Artículo
Two closely linked loci and one apparently independent locus code for bovine lymphocyte antigensStear, M. J. ; Newman, M. J.; Nichola, F. W.198210.1111/j.1399-0039.1982.tb00359.xTissue Antigens[ISSN 0001-2815],v. 20, p. 289-299Artículo
A method for freezing sheep lymphocytes prior to cytotoxicity testingStear, M. J. ; Allen, D.; Spooner, R. L.198210.1111/j.1399-0039.1982.tb01429.xTissue Antigens[ISSN 0001-2815],v. 19, p. 134-139Artículo
The antibody response to bovine lymphocyte alloantigensNewman, M. J.; Stear, M. J. 198310.1016/0165-2427(83)90069-7Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology[ISSN 0165-2427],v. 4, p. 615-631Artículo
Occurrence of cytotoxic antilymphocyte antibodies in sheepStear, M. J. ; Spooner, R. L.1983Research in Veterinary Science[ISSN 0034-5288],v. 34, p. 218-223Artículo
Tick resistance and the major histocompatibility systemStear, M. J. ; Newman, M. J.; Nicholas, F. W.; Brown, S. C.; Holroyd, R. G.198410.1038/icb.1984.4Australian Journal of Experimental Biology and Medical Science,v. 62, p. 47-52Artículo
A comparison of bovine lymphocyte antigensStear, M. J. ; Lyons, I.; Dufty, J. H.; Nicholas, F. W.; Brown, S. C.198510.1111/j.1365-2052.1985.tb01461.xAnimal Blood Groups and Biochemical Genetics[ISSN 0003-3480],v. 16, p. 135-143Artículo
Antibodies to ovine lymphocytes exist in bovine alloantiseraStear, M. J. ; Outteridge, P. M.; Dufty, J. H.; Nicholas, F. W.; Tucker, E. M.1986Experimental and Clinical Immunogenetics[ISSN 0254-9670],v. 3, p. 28-33Artículo
Breed differences in the frequency of bovine lymphocyte antigensStear, M. J. ; Brown, S. C.; Dimmock, C. K.; Dufty, J. H.; Hetzel, D. J., et al1987Experimental and Clinical Immunogenetics[ISSN 0254-9670],v. 4, p. 27-36Artículo
Joint inheritance of bovine major histocompatibility system antigens W6 and W11STEAR, M. J. ; MACKIE, J. T.198710.1111/j.1365-2052.1987.tb00745.xAnimal Genetics[ISSN 0268-9146],v. 18, p. 71-74Artículo
Class I major histocompatibility complex antigens and C4 concentrations in sheep plasmaGROTH, D. M.; WETHERALL, J. D.; OUTERRIDGE, P.; STEAR, M. J. 198710.1111/j.1365-2052.1987.tb00758.xAnimal Genetics[ISSN 0268-9146],v. 18, p. 187-191Artículo
Failure to find an association between class I antigens of the bovine major histocompatibility system and faecal worm egg countsStear, M. J. ; Tierney, T. J.; Baldock, F. C.; Brown, S. C.; Nicholas, F. W., et al198810.1016/0020-7519(88)90129-4International Journal for Parasitology[ISSN 0020-7519],v. 18, p. 859-861Artículo
BoLA antigens are associated with increased frequency of persistent lymphocytosis in bovine leukaemia virus infected cattle and with increased incidence of antibodies to bovine leukaemia virusSTEAR, M. J. ; DIMMOCK, C. K.; NEWMAN, M. J.; NICHOLAS, F. W.198810.1111/j.1365-2052.1988.tb00800.xAnimal Genetics[ISSN 0268-9146],v. 19, p. 151-158Artículo
Breed differences in the distribution of BoLA‐A locus antigens in American cattleSTEAR, M. J. ; POKORNY, T. S.; MUGGLI, N. E.; STONE, R. T.198810.1111/j.1365-2052.1988.tb00802.xAnimal Genetics[ISSN 0268-9146],v. 19, p. 171-176Artículo
Class I antigens of the bovine major histocompatibility system are weakly associated with variation in faecal worm egg counts in naturally infected cattleSTEAR, M. J. ; TIERNEY, T. J.; BALDOCK, F. C.; BROWN, S. C.; NICHOLAS, F. W., et al198810.1111/j.1365-2052.1988.tb00797.xAnimal Genetics[ISSN 0268-9146],v. 19, p. 115-122Artículo
The relationships of birth weight, preweaning gain and postweaning gain with the bovine major histocompatibility systemStear, M. J. ; Pokorny, T. S.; Muggli, N. E.; Stone, R. T.198910.2527/jas1989.673641xJournal of animal science[ISSN 0021-8812],v. 67, p. 641-649Artículo
THE INFLUENCE OF THE BoLA‐A LOCUS ON REPRODUCTIVE TRAITS IN CATTLEStear, M. J. ; Pokorny, T. S.; Echternkamp, S. E.; Lunstra, D. D.198910.1111/j.1744-313X.1989.tb00449.xInternational Journal of Immunogenetics[ISSN 1744-3121],v. 16, p. 77-88Artículo
Class I Alleles of the Bovine Major Histocompatibility System and Their Association with Economic TraitsBatra, T. R.; Lee, A. J.; Gavora, J. S.; Stear, M. J. 198910.3168/jds.S0022-0302(89)79336-XJournal of Dairy Science[ISSN 0022-0302],v. 72, p. 2115-2124Artículo