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2007A 3-10 GHz ultrawideband SiGe LNA with wideband LC matching networkDel Pino, J. ; Khemchandani, S. L. ; García, H. ; Pulido, R.; Goñi, A.; Hernández, A.
2014A fully integrated dual-band LNA with switched loadsGarcía-Vázquez, Hugo ; Khemchandani, Sunil L. ; Ramos-Valido, Dailos ; Del Pino, Javier 
2007A fully integrated folded mixer in CMOS 0.35 μm technology for 802.11a WIFI applicationsDel Pino, J. ; Díaz, R.; Afonso, M.; Cabrera, F.; Iturri, A.; Khemchandani, S. L. 
2005A fully integrated low-noise amplifier in SiGe 0.35 μm technology for 802.11a WIFI applicationsPulido, R.; Khemchandani, S. L. ; Goni-Iturri, A. ; Diaz, R.; Hernández, A.; Del Pino, J. 
2012A fully integrated rf front end for DVB-SHGarcía-Vázquez, Hugo ; Khemchandani, Sunil L. ; Ramos-Valido, Dailos ; Juanicorena, Aitor; Luján-Martínez, Carmen; Del Pino, Javier 
2009A fully integrated single core VCO with a wide tuning range for DVB-HKhemchandani, Sunil Lalchand ; Del Pino Suarez, Javier ; Ortega, Roberto Diaz; Hernandez, Antonio
2007A fully integrated VCO with a wide tuning range for DVB-HKhemchandani, S. L. ; Betancort, G.; Del Pino Suarez, Javier ; Alvarado, Unai; Goni-Iturri, Amaya; Hernandez, Antonio
2014A high sensitivity and low power envelope detector for wireless sensor nodesRamos-Valido, D. ; Garcia-Vazquez, H. ; Khemchandani, Sunil L. ; Del Pino, J. ; Lujan-Martinez, C.; Bistue, Guillermo
2010A low voltage folded cascode LNA for ultra-wideband applicationsKhemchandani, Sunil L. ; Ramos-Valido, Dailos ; García-Vázquez, Hugo ; Pulido-Medina, Ruben; Del Pino, Javier 
2014A low-power RF receiver for digital TV DVB-SHGarcía-Vázquez, Hugo ; Khemchandani, Sunil L. ; Del Pino, Javier 
2007A physical-based method for parameter extraction of on-chip spiral inductorGoñi, Amaya; Del Pino, Javier ; García, Javier ; González, Benito ; Khemchandani, S. L. ; Hernández, Antonio
2015A RF front-end for DVB-SH based on current conveyorsGarcía-Vázquez, H. ; Khemchandani, S. L. ; Del Pino, J. 
2015A selectable bandwidth LNA based on current conveyorsGarcia-Vazquez, H. ; Khemchandani, S. L. ; Dualibe, C.; Del Pino, J. 
2007A study of stacked and miniature 3-D inductor performance for radio frequency integrated circuit designIturri, A. Goñi; Del Pino, F. J. ; Khemchandani, S. L. ; García, J. ; González, B. ; Hernández, A.
2008A VCO with on chip tank for IEEE 802.11aKhemchandani, S. L. ; Del Pino Suarez, J. ; Goñi-Iturri, Amaya; Diaz, Roberto; Hernandez, Antonio
2010A wideband active feedback LNA with a modified 3D inductorVázquez, H. García ; Khemchandani, Sunil L. ; Pulido, R.; Goñi-Iturri, A.; Pino, J. Del 
2008Accurate planar spiral inductor simulations with a 2.5-D electromagnetic simulatorGoñi, Amaya; Pino, Javier Del ; González, Benito ; Khemchandani, Sunil ; Hernández, Antonio
2005Analytical models for PN cross varactorsPérez, J. A.; González, B. ; García, J. ; Del Pino, J. ; Khemchandani, S. L. ; Hernández, A.
2018Area efficient dual-fed CMOS distributed power amplifierdel Pino, Javier ; Khemchandani, Sunil L. ; Mateos-Angulo, Sergio; Mayor-Duarte, Daniel; San-Miguel-Montesdeoca, Mario
2010Area reduction techniques for full integrated distributed amplifierDel Pino, J. ; Diaz, R.; Khemchandani, S. L.