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1993Self-improved error reference for adaptive echo cancellation in full-duplex baseband data communicationsPaez-Borrallo, Jose M.; Perez Alvarez, Ivan A. 
1994Fully convergent joint blind equalization/phase recovery scheme for data communication systemsPaez Borrallo, J. M.; Zazo, Santiago; Perez Alvarez, Ivan A. 
1995Linearly constrained blind equalization scheme based on Bussgang type algorithmsZazo, Santiago; Paez-Borrallo, J. M.; Perez Alvarez, Ivan A. 
1996Differential error reference adaptive echo canceller for multilevel PAM line codesPerez-Alvarez, Ivan A. ; Paez-Borrallo, Jose M.; Zazo-Bello, Santiago
2003Advanced OFDM-CDMA HF modem with self-interference cancellationRaos, I.; Del Cacho, A.; Pérez-Álvarez, I. ; Zazo, S.; Mendieta-Otero, E. ; Santana-Sosa, H.; Páez-Borrallo, J. M.
2005Discussion about the validity of virtual practices in subjects in the radioccomunication area. Results of the educational experienceAraña Pulido, Víctor A. ; Cabrera-Almeida, Francisco ; Quintana Morales, Pedro José ; Dorta-Naranjo, B. Pablo ; Jiménez Yguacel, Eugenio ; Perez-Alvarez, Ivan ; Mendieta-Otero, Eduardo 
2006Validation of a HF spread spectrum multi-carrier technology through real-link measurementsSantana-Sosa, Héctor; Zazo-Bello, Santiago; Perez-Alvarez, Ivan A. ; Raos, Ivana; Mendieta-Otero, Eduardo ; López Pérez, Javier 
2006Real-link performance of a SS-MC-MA high frequency radio modemSantana-Sosa, Hector; Raos, Ivana; Zazo-Bello, Santiago; Pérez-Álvarez, Iván A. ; López-Pérez, Javier 
2007Multi-carrier techniques performance on ionospheric channel for delay-sensitive applicationsLópez-Pérez, J. ; Zazo-Bello, S.; Pérez-Álvarez, I. ; Raos, I.; Mendieta-Otero, E. 
2009Real link of a high data rate OFDM modem: Description and performancePérez-Álvarez, I. ; López-Pérez, J. ; Zazo, S.; Raos, I.; Pérez-Díaz, B.; Jiménez-Yguacel, E. 
2009On the diversity in multiantenna HF communicationsPeco, C.; Zazo, S.; Pérez-Álvarez, I. ; López-Pérez, J. 
2009Parameter estimation algorithms for ionospheric channelsSanz-González, J. L.; Zazo-Bello, S.; Pérez-Álvarez, I. A. ; López-Pérez, J. 
2009Asynchronous and variable data rate OFDM modem for radar data transmissionZazo, S.; Raos, I.; López-Pérez, J. ; Pérez-Álvarez, I. ; Pérez-Díaz, B.; Jiménez-Yguacel, E. 
2009Impact of CSI latency on HF multi-carrier communications for delay-sensitive applicationsLópez-Pérez, J. ; Pérez-Álvarez, I. A. ; Zazo-Bello, S.; Melián-Gutiérrez, L. B.; Amaro-García, A.
2009Design and construction of a broadband (1MHz) digital hf transceiver for multicarrier and multichannel modulationsPérez-Díaz, B.; Jiménez-Yguácel, E. ; López-Pérez, J. ; Pérez-Álvarez, I. ; Zazo-Bello, S.; Mendieta-Otero, E. 
2009Stanag 4444: Improved soft-decision detector for the spread spectrum modeBéjar-Haro, B.; Zazo-Bello, S.; Pérez-Álvarez, I. ; Quintana, A.; Camas, J. M.
2011Multipath-channel estimation and application to ionospheric ChannelsSanz-González, José L.; Zazo, Santiago; Lvarez, Iván A.Pérez Á ; López-Pérez, Javier 
2011Experimental results on multicarrier MIMO HF communicationsPerez-Alvarez, Ivan ; Zazo-Bello, Santiago; Ghogho, Mounir; Lopez-Perez, Javier 
2012Theory and practice for modelling the broadband acquisition in HF transmissionsPérez-Díaz, B.; Zazo, S.; Pérez-Álvarez, I. ; López-Pérez, J. ; Melián Gutiérrez, L.; Jiménez-Yguácel, E. 
2012Selection of CSI-based precoding techniques in the HF channelLópez-Pérez, J. ; Melián-Gutiérrez, L.; Pérez-Álvarez, I. ; Zazo, S.; Raos, I.; Pérez-Díaz, B.