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1989Hemorrhagic recurrence after operations of azygoportal disconnectionMarchena, J. ; Hernández-Siverio, N.; Pérez-Palma, J.; Conde, A. ; González Hermoso, F.Reseña
1989Changes of liver enzymes during severe infectionsConde Martel, A. ; Santolaria Fernández, F.; González Reimers, E.; Batista López, N.; Gómez Sirvent, J. L., et alArtículo
1991Diabetic microangiopathy and serum lamininGonzález Reimers, E.; Mora García, M.; Santolaria Fernández, F.; Rodríguez Rodríguez, E.; Conde Martel, A. Comentario
1991Acute pancreatitis: An analysis of 254 casesGonzalez, E.; Santolaria, F.; Machado, P.; Batista, N.; Alarco, A., et alArtículo
1991Autonomic and peripheral neuropathy in chronic alcoholic liver diseaseGonzalez-Reimers, E.; Alonso-Socas, M.; Santolaria-Fernandez, F.; Hernandez-Peña, J.; Conde-Martel, A. , et alArtículo
1992Peritoneal mesotheliomaGonzález Reimers, E.; Fernández Herrero, M. D.; Santolaria Fernández, F.; Batista López, N.; Conde Martel, A. Comentario
1992Pathogenesis of alcoholic myopathy: roles of ethanol and malnutritionConde-Martel, A. ; González-Reimers, E.; Santolaria-Fernández, F.; Romero-Pérez, J. C.; González-Hernández, T.Reseña
1992Relative and combined roles of ethanol and protein malnutrition on skeletal muscleConde, A. ; Gonzalez-reimers, E.; González-hernández, T.; Santolaria, F.; Martinez-riera, A., et alArtículo
1992Combined effects of ethanol and protein deficiency on hepatic iron, zinc, manganese, and copper contentsConde-Martel, A. ; González-Reimers, E.; Santolaria-Fernández, F.; Castro-Alemán, V.; Galindo-Martín, L., et alArtículo
1992Ito cells and fibrogenesis in chronic alcoholic liver diseaseGonzález-Reimers, C. E.; Del Mar Brajín-Rodríguez, Maria; Santolaria-Fernández, F.; Diaz-Flores, L.; Conde-Martel, Alicia , et alArtículo
1993Pulmonary vasculitis in Behçet's diseaseConde, A. ; Santolaria, F.; Batista, N.; Rodríguez, F.Comentario
1993Biological markers of alcoholism in alcoholic liver diseaseConde Martel, A. ; Santolaria Fernández, F.; González Reimers, E.; Essardas, H.Comentario
1993Relative and combined roles of ethanol and protein malnutrition on muscle zinc, potassium, copper, iron, and magnesiumGonzalez-reimers, E.; Conde-martel, A. ; Santolaria-fernandez, F.; Martinez-riera, A.; Rodriguez-moreno, F., et alArtículo
1993Liver changes in protein malnutrition. An experimental study in ratsConde Martel, A. ; González Reimers, E.; Santolaria Fernández, F.; Castro Alemán, V.; Marchena Gómez, J. , et alArtículo
1993The Dubin-Johnson syndrome and cholelithiasisConde Martel, A. ; Ramírez Felipe, J.; Panero, J. F.; Marchena Gómez, J. Comentario
1994Sensitive syndrome as presentation form of anginose syndromeConde Martel, A. ; Vargas, R.; Saavedra, J. M.; Llarena, P.Comentario
1994Chronic alcoholic myopathy and nutritional statusRomero, J. C.; Santolaria, F.; González-Reimers, E.; Dìaz-Flores, L.; Conde, A. , et alArtículo
1994Relative and combined effects of ethanol and protein deficiency on gonadal function and histologyGonzalez-Reimers, E.; Martinez-Riera, A.; Santolaria-Fernandez, F.; Conde-Martel, A. ; Alvarez-Argüelles, H., et alArtículo
1995Cholestatic jaundice, an infrequent initial manifestation of primary amyloidosisConde Martel, A. ; Suárez Ortega, S.; Redondo, E.; Guerra, C.Comentario
1995Colorectal cancer in the context of multiple primary malignant neoplasmsGarcía-Anguíano, F.; Marchena Gómez, J. ; Aguiar Morales, J. A.; Gómez Guerra, G.; Conde Martel, A. , et alArtículo