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1974Paleomagnetism And Origin Of Mississippi Valley-Type Ore-DepositsBeales, Fw; Carracedo, Jc ; Strangway, Dw
1984Geomagnetic secular variation in historical lavas from the Canary IslandsSoler, V.; Carracedo, J. C. ; Heller, F.
1986Reversed magnetization in pyroclastics from the 1985 eruption of Nevado del Ruiz, ColombiaHeller, Friedrich; Carracedo, Juan Carlos ; Solert, Vicente
1988Optimum station distribution to monitor seismic activity of Teide Volcano, Tenerife, Canary IslandsGarcía-Fernandez, M.; Kijko, A.; Carracedo, J. C. ; Soler, V.
1988Paleomagnetismo del volcanismo de Cataluña: resultados preliminaresRodríguez Badiola, Eduardo; Carracedo Gómez, Juan carlos ; Soler Javaloyes, Vicente; Chicharro, P.
1990Remanent magnetization of andesitic and dacitic pumice from the 1985 eruption of Nevado del Ruiz (Colombia) reversed due to self-reversalHaag, Maja; Heller, Friedrich; Carracedo, Juan Carlos ; Soler, Vicente
1990Aspectos volcanológicos y estructurales, evolución petrológica e implicaciones en riesgo volcánico de la erupción de 1730 en Lanzarote, Islas CanariasRodríguez Badiola, Eduardo; Carracedo Gómez, Juan carlos ; Soler Javaloyes, Vicente
1992The 1730-1736 eruption of Lanzarote, Canary Islands: a long, high-magnitude basaltic fissure eruptionCarracedo, J. C. ; Rodriguez Badiola, E.; Soler, V.
1993Time-Correlation By Paleomagnetism Of The 1631 Eruption Of Mount Vesuvius - Volcanological And Volcanic Hazard ImplicationsCarracedo, Jc ; Principe, C; Rosi, M; Soler, V
1993Evolución geológica y magmáticas de la isla de Lanzarote (Islas Canarias)Carracedo Gómez, Juan carlos ; Rodríguez Badiola, Eduardo
1993Time correlation by palaeomagnetism of the 1631 eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Volcanological and volcanic hazard implicationsCarracedo, J. C. ; Principe, C.; Rosi, M.; Soler, V.
1994The Canary Islands: An example of structural control on the growth of large oceanic-island volcanoesCarracedo, J. C. 
1994Temperatura de emplazamiento de las ignimbritas Roque Nublo (Gran Canaria, Islas Canarias) mediante técnicas paleomagnéticasPerez-Torrado, Francisco-Jose ; Soler, V.; Mangas, José ; Carracedo, J. C. 
1995Coda-Q distribution in the Canary IslandsCanas, J. A.; Pujades, L. G.; Blanco, M. J.; Soler, V.; Carracedo, J. C. 
1995Geochronology And Stratigraphy Of The Rogue Nublo Cycle, Gran-Canaria, Canary-IslandsPereztorrado, Fj ; Carracedo, Jc ; Mangas, J
1995Geochronology and stratigraphy of the Roque Nublo Cycle, Gran Canaria, Canary IslandsPerez-Torrado, F. J. ; Carracedo, J. C. ; Mangas, J. 
1995Anomalously shallow palaeomagnetic inclinations and the question of the age of the Canarian ArchipelagoCarracedo, J. C. ; Soler, V.
1995Anomalously Shallow Paleomagnetic Inclinations And The Question Of The Age Of The Canarian ArchipelagoCarracedo, Jc ; Soler, V
1996A simple model for the genesis of large gravitational landslide hazards in the Canary IslandsCarracedo, J. C. 
1996The 1677 eruption of La Palma, Canary IslandsCarracedo, J. C. ; Day, S.; Guillou, H.; Rodriguez Badiola, E.