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2010Muscle hypertrophy and increased expression of leptin receptors in the musculus triceps brachii of the dominant arm in professional tennis playersOlmedillas, Hugo; Sanchis-Moysi, Joaquin ; Fuentes, Teresa ; Guadalupe, Amelia ; Ponce-González, Jesús G., et alArtículo
2010AMPK Phosporylation, Sirt1 And PGC-1a Protein Expression After Sprint Exercise in Fed and Fasted ConditionsPonce-Gonzalez, Jesus G.; Morales-Alamo, David ; Fuentes, Teresa ; Guadalupe-Grau, Amelia ; Olmedillas Fernandez,Hugo , et alActas de congresosAMPK_Phosporylation.pdf.jpg
2010SIRT1, AMP-activated protein kinase phosphorylation and downstream kinases in response to a single bout of sprint exercise: Influence of glucose ingestionGuerra, Borja ; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Fuentes, Teresa ; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Morales Alamo, David , et alArtículo
2011Is sprint exercise a leptin signaling mimetic in human skeletal muscle?Guerra, Borja ; Olmedillas, Hugo; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Ponce-González, Jesús G.; Morales Alamo, David , et alArtículo
2011Normal mitochondrial function and increased fat oxidation capacity in leg and arm muscles in obese humansAra, I.; Larsen, S.; Stallknecht, B.; Guerra, B. ; Morales Alamo, David , et alArtículo
2012Increased oxidative stress and anaerobic energy release, but blunted Thr<sup>172</sup>-AMPKα phosphorylation, in response to sprint exercise in severe acute hypoxia in humansMorales-Alamo, David ; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Rodríguez-García, Lorena; Santana, Alfredo , et alArtículo
2012Skeletal muscle signaling response to sprint exercise in men and womenFuentes, Teresa ; Guerra, Borja ; Ponce-González, Jesús G.; Morales Alamo, David ; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia , et alArtículo
2012Regulación de la actividad AMPK en músculo esquelético humano por radicales libres e hipoxiaMorales Álamo, David Tesis doctoral0675336_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2013Isoinertial and isokinetic sprints: Muscle signallingFuentes, Teresa ; Ponce-González, J. G.; Morales Alamo, David ; de Torres-Peralta, R. ; Santana Rodríguez, Alfredo , et alArtículo
2013Critical role for free radicals on sprint exercise-induced CaMKII and AMPKα phosphorylation in human skeletal muscleMorales-Alamo, David ; Ponce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Rodríguez-García, Lorena; Santana, Alfredo , et alArtículo
2014Leptin signaling in skeletal muscle after bed rest in healthy humansGuerra Hernández, Carlos Borja ; Ponce González,Jesús Gustavo ; Morales-Alamo, David ; Guadalupe Grau, Amelia ; Kiilerich, Kristian, et alArtículo
2014Free radicals and sprint exercise in humansMorales-Alamo, D. ; Calbet, J. A L Reseña
2015Limitations to oxygen transport and utilization during sprint exercise in humans: evidence for a functional reserve in muscle O-2 diffusing capacityCalbet, José A.L. ; Losa Reyna,Jose ; Torres-Peralta, Rafael ; Rasmussen, Peter; Ponce González,Jesús Gustavo , et alArtículo
2015What limits performance during whole-body incremental exercise to exhaustion in humans?Morales Álamo, David ; Losa Reyna, José ; Torres-Peralta, Rafael ; Martin-Rincon, Marcos ; Pérez Valera, Mario , et alArtículo
2015Muscle lactate and H+ accumulation facilitates early recovery after incremental exercise to exhaustion: demonstration in humansPérez Valera, Mario ; Martín Rincón, Marcos ; Morales Álamo, David ; Losa Reyna,Jose ; Sanchez De Torres Peralta, Rafael , et alActas de congresos
2015The impact of data averaging strategies on VO2maxMartín Rincón, Marcos ; Pérez Valera, Mario ; Rodríguez Afonso, Kevin; Cherouveim, Eugenia; Losa Reyna,Jose , et alActas de congresos
2016The physiological mechanisms of performance enhancement with sprint interval training differ between the upper and lower extremities in humansZinner, Christoph; Morales Alamo, David ; Ørtenblad, Niels; Larsen, Filip J.; Schiffer, Tomas A., et alArtículoPhysiological_mechanisms_performance.pdf.jpg
2016AMPK signaling in skeletal muscle during exercise: Role of reactive oxygen and nitrogen speciesMorales Alamo, David ; López Calbet, José Antonio Artículo
2016Power-Velocity and Power-Efficiency Implications in the Limitation of Ramp Incremental Cycle Ergometry: Reply to Morales-Alamo et alFerguson, Carrie; Cannon, Daniel T; Wylde, Lindsey A; Benson, Alan P; Rossiter, Harry B, et alComentariojapplphysiol.01067.2015.pdf.jpg
2016Increased PIO2 at exhaustion in hypoxia enhances muscle activation and swiftly relieves fatigue: a placebo or a PIO2 dependent effect?Torres-Peralta, Rafael ; Losa Reyna,Jose ; Morales-Alamo, David ; González-Izal, Miriam; Perez Suárez,Ismael , et alArtículoIncreased_exhaustion_hypoxia.pdf.jpg