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1997Study of the corrosion behaviour of painted steel with electrochemical measurementsRadovici, Octavian; Drob, Paula; Vasilescu, Ecaterina; Popa, Mihai; Mîrza-Roşca, Iulia , et alArtículo
1997Electrochemical behaviour of uranus 65 austenitic stainless steel in alkaline buffer solutions with and without sodium chlorideMi̊rza-Roşca, Iulia ; Radovici, Octavian; Vasilescu, Ecaterina; Fox, Vicente M.; Laz, Milagros M., et alArtículo
1998New resistant organic coatings in different aggressive environmentsYasilescu, Ecaterina; Drob, Paula; Popa, Mihai V.; Mîrza-Roşca, Iulia ; Anghel, MariaArtículo
1998Effect of bacterial biofilm on 316 SS corrosion in natural seawater by EISGonzález, J. E.G.; Santana, F. J.H.; Mirza-Rosca, J. C. Artículo
1999Comparison of metal-inhibitor systems by electrochemical impedance spectroscopyGonzalez, J. E.; Mirza, J. C. ; Llorente, M. L.; Gonzalez, S.Artículo
1999A study regarding the passive films on titanium alloys in sulphuric acid solutionsVasilescu, E.; Drob, P.; Popa, MV; Mirza Rosca, Julia Claudia ; Gonzalez, JEG, et alArtículo
1999Copper atmospheric corrosion in tropical climateGonzalez, JEG; Valles, M.L.; Mirza Rosca, Julia Claudia ; Vasilescu, E.; Drob, P., et alArtículo
1999The electrochemical study of the epoxidic films, electrodeposited on carbon steelDrob, P; Vasilescu, E; Popa, MV; Anghel, M; Mirza Rosca, Julia Claudia , et alArtículo
1999EIS for titanium base alloys in aqueous solutionsMîrza-Roşca, Iulia ; Gonzales, S.; Llorente, M. L.; Popa, Mihai V.; Vasilescu, Ecaterina, et alArtículo
1999Studiul filmelor pasive pe aliaje de titan în soluţii de acid sulfuricVasilescu, Ecaterina; Drob, Paula; Popa, Mihai V.; Mîrza-Roşca, Iulia ; GonzalezGonzalez, Juan E., et alArtículo
1999Behavior of titanium alloys in neutral solutions by EIS and potentiostatic methodsRadovici, Octavian; Mîrza-Roşca, Iulia ; Gonzales, Juan Emilo; Vasilescu, Ecaterina; Popa, Mihai Vasile, et alArtículo
1999Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in the study of carbon steel passivation for reinforced concreteMirza Rosca, Julia Claudia ; Llorente, M.L; Gonzalez, S. ; Gonzalez, J.E.Artículo
1999Study of the corrosion behavior of titanium and some of its alloys for biomedical and dental implant applicationsGonzález, J. E.G.; Mirza-Rosca, J. C. Artículo
1999Determination of the adhesion properties of an alkyd pigmented coating by electrochemical impedance spectroscopyGonzalez, J. E.G.; Mirza Rosca, J. C. Artículo
1999Coroziunea atmosfericǎ a cuprului în climat tropicalGonzalez Gonzalez, Juan E. ; Valles, Magdalena L.; Mîrza-Roşca, Iulia ; Vasilescu, Ecaterina; Drob, Paula, et alArtículo
1999The effect of the air polluants, exposure time and meteorological conditions on metals corrosionGonzález González, J. E. ; Mîrza-Roşca, J. C. Artículo
1999Studiul electrochimic al filmelor epoxidice electrodepuse pe oţel carbonDrob, Paula; Vasilescu, Ecaterina; Popa, Mihai V.; Anghel, Maria; Mîrza-Roşca, Iulia , et alArtículo
2000Corrosión electroquímica del cobreVallés Labrador, Magdalena EstherTesis doctoral597.pdf.jpg
2000Characterisation of anodic oxide films formed on titanium and two ternary titanium alloys in hydrochloric acid solutionsVasilescu, E.; Drob, P.; Popa, M. V.; Anghel, M.; Santana López, Agustín , et alArtículo
2001Centro De Rehabilitacion Y Laboratorio De MaterialesRíos Díaz, Milagros SoniaProyecto fin de carrera