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2014Nutrient concentration determination in the post-eruptive process of the volcano of El HierroBondyale Juez, Daniel Rickue Trabajo final de grado0699807_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2016Evaluation of three protein methodologies for marine planktonMartínez, Ico ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Packard, Theodore T. ; Gómez, May Póster de congresosPoster-XIXSIEBM.pdf.jpg
2016Respiration in an autotrophic and a heterotrophic organism: comparison of four different methodsBondyale Juez, Daniel Rickue Trabajo final de máster0726662_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2017Enzyme tools to determine the well-being of biological communitiesMartínez, Ico ; Packard, Theodore T. ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Romero Kutzner, Vanesa ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. , et alPóster de congresosPoster_MaPSIS.pdf.jpg
2017Respiration: comparison of the Winkler technique, O2 electrodes, O2 optodes and the respiratory electron transport system assayBondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Packard, Theodore T. ; Viera-Rodríguez, M.A. ; Gómez, May Artículo
2018NADP+ -dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase activity in marine planktonTames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Martínez, Ico ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Packard, Theodore T. ; Gómez, May , et alArtículoNADPIDHrev.pdf.jpg
2018Vídeos tutoriales e interactivos como complementos para la formaciónBondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Herrera, Alicia ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Viera-Rodríguez, María Ascensión ; Gómez, May Actas de congresos40.Videos_tutoriales_interactivos.pdf.jpg
2019Physiological and enzymatic respiration in Aurelia aurita and Pelagia noctilucaGómez, May ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Purcell, Jennifer E.; Martínez, Ico , et alPóster de congresos6JS2019 Southafrica-MG.pdf.jpg
2019Eomar research. Our study on jellyfisch respirationBondyale-Juez, Daniel R. Vídeo
2019Jellyfish respiraton from biochemistryPackard, Theodore T. ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Osma, Natalia , et alPóster de congresos6JS2019 Southafrica-TTP.pdf.jpg
2019Food supply effects on the asexual reproduction and respiratory metabolism of Aurelia aurita polypsPurcell, Jennifer E.; Bondyale Juez, Daniel Rickue ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Martínez, Ico ; Caprioli, Rosa, et alArtículo
2019Impact of microplastics in jellyfishTarí, Javier; Herrera, Alicia ; Gómez, May ; Martínez, Ico ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. Póster de congresos6JS2019 Southafrica-JT.pdf.jpg
2019Energetic cost derived of short-term starvation on marine crustacean Palaemon elegansMartínez, Ico ; Herrera-Ulibarri, Alicia ; Herrera, Inmaculada; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Romero Kutzner, Vanesa , et alPóster de congresosPoster-SIEBM-IcoMartinez.pdf.jpg
2020Examen de prácticas online de Biodiversidad Marina como medida de evaluación telepresencialBondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Viera Rodríguez, María Ascensión ; Gómez, May Actas de congresosExamen_de_practicas_online.pdf.jpg
2020Respiration of mesopelagic fish: a comparison of respiratory electron transport system (ETS) measurements and allometrically calculated rates in the Southern Ocean and Benguela CurrentTarling, Geraint A; Mayor, Daniel J; Saunders, Ryan A; Fielding, Sophie; Stowasser, Gabriele, et alArtículo
2020Effect of temperature and starvation on ingestion and respiratory metabolism in Aurelia aurita polypsMorales Alayón, AroaTrabajo final de grado
2020An overview of the energy metabolism during Aurelia aurita’s life cycle (from ephyra to medusa)Martínez, I. ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Romero-Kutzner, V. ; Herrera, A. ; Packard, T. T. , et alPóster de congresosPoster-Ico-ISMS2020.pdf.jpg
2020Protein in marine plankton: A comparison of spectrophotometric methodsMartínez Sánchez, Ico ; Herrera Ulibarri, Alicia ; Tames Espinosa, Maria Teresa ; Bondyale Juez, Daniel Rickue ; Romero Kutzner, Vanesa , et alArtículo
2020Microplastic ingestion in jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca (forsskal, 1775) in the North Atlantic Ocean: unpublished resultsRapp, J.; Herrera Ulibarri, Alicia ; Bondyale Juez, Daniel Rickue ; Asensio, M.; Martínez, I. , et alPóster de congresosPoster - Rapp et al., 2020.pdf.jpg
2021Microplastic ingestion in jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca (Forsskal, 1775) in the North Atlantic OceanRapp Cabrera, Jorge ; Herrera, A. ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; González-Pleiter, M.; Reinold, Stefanie , et alArtículoMANUSCRIPT Final.pdf.jpg