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1999La metáfora en The art of fiction: del fenómeno léxico al cognoscitivoSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2001La argumentación retórica en los ensayos de Virginia Wolf: tesis doctoralSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2004The gendered sentence in the essays of Virginis WoolfSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2006Masculine vs. feminine: the opposition principle in the essays of Virginia WoolfSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2007The opinion essay as example of discourse analysis: rhetorical assessmentSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 0233536_00013_0011.pdf.jpg
2007Elementos del Ensayo en Virginia Wolf: Valoración argumentativaSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther Elementos_Ensayo_Viginia_Woolf.pdf.jpg
2007Metaphor and Simile as Communicative Devices in the Essays of Virginia WoolfSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther Metaphor_Simile_Communicative_Devices.pdf.jpg
2008Trayectoria del ensayo en Virginia WoolfSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 0234349_00014_0013.pdf.jpg
2008"The feminist note in the essay": some rhetorical devices in the essays of Virginia WoolfSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther AEDEAN_2008_31_art_19.pdf.jpg
2009Evidential marking in legal abstracts in EnglishGonzález Ruiz, Víctor M. ; Sánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2009The vernacularisation of medieval medical textsAlonso-Almeida, Francisco ; Sánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2010Rhetorical evaluation of seventeenth century prefaces to english treatises on midwiferySánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2010"Ah, but what is Herself? I mean what is a Woman?": Rhetorical analysis of Virginia Woolf's Feminist EssaysSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther Ah_But_What_Is_Herself_I_Mean.pdf.jpg
2010Rhetorical organisation of the abstract or "What's the aim of our study?"Sánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2011The essay as story and the story in the essay: narrative as argument in Virginia Woolf’s essaysSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2012Metaphorical assessment in woolf's visions of journalismSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2012Beyond the Appraisal Framework: Evaluation of Can and May in Introductions and Conclusions to Computing Research ArticlesQuintana Toledo, Elena ; Sánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther Beyond_Appraisal_Framework.pdf.jpg
2013But, I ask myself, What is reality? And who are the judges of reality?': The Appearance/ Reality Opposition in Virginia Woolf's EssaysSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther 
2014The literary essay as encomium in Virginia Woolf’s “the enchanted organ”Sánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther The_literary-essay.pdf.jpg
2014'Not sure what is going on today': Verbal evidential strategies in celebrity gossip blogsSánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther verbal-evidential-strategies.pdf.jpg