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2020Changes in Indocyanine Green Lymphography Patterns after Physical Treatment in Secondary Upper Limb LymphedemaMedina Rodríguez, María Elena ; de-la-Casa-Almeida, Maria; Gonzalez Martin, Jesus; Hermida Anllo, Maria; Medrano-Sanchez, Esther M.
2020Relationship between perimetric increase and fluoroscopic pattern type in secondary upper limb lymphedema observed by Indocyanine green lymphographyMedina Rodríguez, María Elena ; de-la-Casa-Almeida, María; Mena-Rodríguez, Antonio; González-Martín, Jesús María; Medrano-Sánchez, Esther MªRelationship_between_perimetric_increase_and.20.pdf.jpg