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1994Measurements of sulphate dry deposition over flat terrain in Central SpainSanchez, M. L.; Dominguez, M. J.; Rodriguez, R. ; Garcia, M. A.; Sanz, J.; Fernandez, M. J.; Perez, I.
1995Sliding wear of a plasma-sprayed Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> coatingFernandez, J. E.; Rodriguez, R. ; Wang, Yinglong; Vijande, R.; Rincón, A.
1995Submicrometre particle size distribution from 0.1-0.45 μm in the urban plume of the city of ValladolidSanz, F.; Sánchez, M. L.; Rodríguez, R. 
1996Opacity calculations of plasmas by using parametric potentialsMartel Escobar, Pablo ; Gil, JM ; Rodriguez, R ; Mínguez Torres, Emilio; Doreste-Suárez, Lorenzo0246706_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
1996Characterization of particle size distribution in a Mediterranean forest using a laser spectrometerSanchez, M. L.; Sanz, F.; Rodriguez, R. ; Dominguez, J.
1996Vertical profiles of acidic aerosols in Les Landes forestSanchez, M. L.; Rodriguez, R. ; Dominguez, J.; Perez, I.; Garcia, M. A.; Fernandez, M. J.; Sanz, J.
1997Ozone Dry Deposition in a Semi-Asanchezrid Steppe and in a Coniferous Forest in Southern EuropeSánchez, M. L.; Rodríguez, R. ; López, A.
1998Una experiencia de triangulación realizada por profesores novelesPalao González, José Pascual; Cabrera Rodríguez, Gabriel; Varela Calvo, Corina; Fernández González, José; Rodríguez Pérez, Rafael 
1998Developments and comparison of two denim opacity modelsMínguez, E.; Gil, JM ; Martel, P. ; Rubiano, JG ; Rodríguez, R. ; Doreste, L.
1998Development of scalable real-time observers for continuous reheating furnaces based on mathematical modeling techniquesGarcia, D. F.; Sierra, M.; Rodriguez, R. ; Campos, A.; Diaz, R.; Obeso, F.; Gonzalez, J. A.
1999Calculation of the ionization state for LTE plasmas using analytical potentialsRubiano, JG ; Rodriguez, R ; Gil, JM ; Martel, P. ; Mínguez, E.
2000Determination and optimisation of pillar size in underground mining through numerical methodsToraño, J.; Rodríguez, R. ; Cuesta, A.
2000Aerosols in a mediterranean forest: Sulfates, particle size distribution, and growth ratesSánchez, M. L.; Dominguez, J.; Rodriguez, R. 
2000Probabilistic analysis of subsidence-induced strains at the surface above steep seam miningToraño, J.; Rodríguez, R. ; Ramírez-Oyanguren, P.
2001Determinación y análisis de un potencial analítico para iones en configuraciones excitadas en el seno de plasmasRodríguez Pérez, Rafael 786.pdf.jpg
2001Analytical potential for excited configurationsRodríguez, R. ; Rubiano, JG ; Gil, J. M. ; Martel, P. ; Mínguez, E.
2001Analytical atomic hydrogenic model for calculation of plasma optical propertiesRubiano, JG ; Rodríguez, R. ; Gil, J. M. ; Ruano, F. H.; Martel, P. ; Míguez, E.
2001Using experimental measures in elaboration and calibration of numerical models in geomechanicsToraño, J.; Rodriguez, R. ; Cuesta, A.
2001Scaling law of radiative opacities for ICF elementsMínguez, E.; Ruiz, R.; Martel, P. ; Gil, JM ; Rubiano, JG ; Rodríguez, R. 
2002Calculation of the ionization state for LTE plasmas using a new relativistic-screened hydrogenic model based on analytical potentialsRubiano, JG ; Rodriguez, R ; Gil, JM ; Martel, P. ; Mínguez, E.