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2003Procesado de señales fisiológicas para el estudio del sueño humanoRavelo García, Antonio Gabriel 2285.pdf.jpg
2004Application of RR series and oximetry to a statistical classifier for the detection of sleep apnoea/HypopnoeaRavelo-García, A. G. ; Navarro-Mesa, J. L. ; Murillo-Díaz, M. J.; Juliá-Serdá, J. G.
2005Sistema de análisis y clasificación de estados del sueño a partir de señales polisomnográficasHernández López, Diego10146.pdf.jpg
2006A Chernoff-based approach to the estimation of transformation matrices for binary hypothesis testingLorenzo-García, F. D.; Ravelo-García, A. G. ; Navarro-Mesa, J. L. ; Martín-González, S. I. ; Quintana-Morales, P. J. ; Hernández-Pérez, E. 
2006Monitoring of the natural voice variations in open and closed phases with frequency warped ARMA modelingQuintana-Morales, Pedro J. ; Navarro-Mesa, Juan L. ; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. ; Lorenzo-García, Fernando D.
2007A boosting method with gaussian mixtures as base learners in a low-dimension spaceMartín-González, S. I. ; Lorenzo-García, F. D.; Navarro-Mesa, J. L. ; Ravelo-García, A. G. ; Quintana-Morales, P. J. ; Hernández-Pérez, E. 
2009Sleep quality differences according to a statistical continuous sleep modelRavelo-García, A. G. ; Lorenzo-García, F. D.; Navarro-Mesa, J. L. 
2011Path loss factor estimation for RSS-based localization algorithms with wireless sensor networksHernández-Pérez, E. ; Navarro-Mesa, J. L. ; Martin-Gonzalez, S. ; Quintana-Morales, P. ; Ravelo-García, A. 
2012A new DOA estimation algorithm for ARMA sources applied to sperm-whale localizationNavarro-Mesa, J. L. ; Hernández-Pérez, E. ; Ravelo-García, A. ; Quintana-Morales, P. ; Martin-Gonzalez, S. 
2013Cepstrum coefficients of the RR series for the detection of obstructive sleep apnea based on different classifiersRavelo-García, Antonio ; Navarro-Mesa, Juan L. ; Martín-González, Sofía ; Hernández-Pérez, Eduardo ; Quintana-Morales, Pedro ; Guerra-Moreno, Iván ; Navarro-Esteva, Javier; Juliá-Serdá, Gabriel
2013Cepstrum feature selection for the classification of Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome based on heart rate variabilityRavelo-Garcia, A. G. ; Navarro-Mesa, J. L. ; Hernadez-Perez, E.; Martin-Gonzalez, S. ; Quintana-Morales, P. ; Guerra-Moreno, I. ; Julia-Serda, G.
2014Symbolic dynamics marker of heart rate variability combined with clinical variables enhance obstructive sleep apnea screeningRavelo-García, A. G. ; Saavedra-Santana, P. ; Juliá-Serdá, G.; Navarro-Mesa, J. L. ; Navarro-Esteva, J.; Álvarez-López, X.; Gapelyuk, A.; Penzel, T.; Wessel, N.
2014Pulse rate trends in obstructive sleep apnea: A reliable tool to predict long term response to CPAP?Navarro-Esteva, Javier; Ravelo-García, Antonio ; Véliz-Flores, Ibrahim; Pérez-Mendoza, Guillermo; Esquinas, Antonio M.
2014ParTec and KarnUMa-Digital tools as a help for freshman learningFreitas, Valentim; Ravelo-García, Antonio ; Morgado-Dias, F.0719136_00000_0002.pdf.jpg
2014Prácticas de laboratorio en contextos de enseñanza-aprendizaje basados en competencias: dificultades y oportunidadesCanino Rodríguez, José Miguel ; Mena Santana, Vicente E. ; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B. ; Ravelo-García, Antonio ; García-Quevedo, Elena 0719136_00000_0028.pdf.jpg
2014An approach to the improvement of electrocardiogram-based sleep breathing pauses detection by means of permutation entropy of the heart rate variabilityRavelo-García, A. G. ; Casanova-Blancas, U.; Martín-González, S. ; Hernández-Pérez, E. ; Quintana Morales, P. ; Navarro-Mesa, J. L. 
2014An approach to the enhancement of sleep apnea detection by means of detrended fluctuation analysis of RR intervalsRavelo-García, A. G. ; Casanova-Blancas, U.; Martín-González, S. ; Hernández-Pérez, E. ; Guerra-Moreno, I. ; Quintana-Morales, P. ; Wessel, Niels; Navarro-Mesa, J. L. 
2015Oxygen saturation and RR intervals feature selection for sleep apnea detectionRavelo-García, Antonio G. ; Kraemer, Jan F.; Navarro-Mesa, Juan L. ; Hernández-Pérez, Eduardo ; Navarro-Esteva, Javier; Juliá-Serdá, Gabriel; Penzel, Thomas; Wessel, NielsRavelo_entropy_2015.pdf.jpg
2015Symmetry extraction in high sensitivity melanoma diagnosisGuerra-Segura, Elyoenai; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B. ; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. ; Carretero, Gregoriosymmetry-07-01061.pdf.jpg
2015Human computer interactions in next-generation of aircraft smart navigation management systems: Task analysis and architecture under an agent-oriented methodological approachCanino-Rodríguez, José M. ; García-Herrero, Jesús; Besada-Portas, Juan; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. ; Travieso-González, Carlos ; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B. sensors-15-05228.pdf.jpg