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1975PetroquímicaOrtega Saavedra, Juan Tesis doctoral270683.pdf.jpg
1982Densities And Refractive-Indexes Of Pure Alcohols As A Function Of TemperatureOrtega, J Artículo
1984Excess Volumes Of Benzene + 1-Hexanol And + 3-Methyl-3-Pentanol At 3 Different TemperaturesOrtega, J ; Angulo, McArtículo
1984Excess volumes of Benzene + 1-Hexanol and + 3-Methyl-3-Pentanol at Three Different TemperaturesOrtega, Juan ; Angulo, M. CarmenArtículo
1985Excess Molar Volumes At 298.15-K Of (Benzene+2-Methylpentan-3-Ol) And Of (Benzene+2-Ethylbutan-1-Ol)Ortega, J. ; Paz Andrade, M. I.; Bravo, R.Artículo
1985Densities and Thermal Expansivities of Hexanol Isomers at Moderate TemperaturesOrtega, Juan Artículo
1985Excess molar volumes of (ethyl formate or ethyl acetate + an isomer of hexanol) at 298.15 KOrtega, J. ; Matos, J. S.; Paz Andrade, M. I.; Jimenez, E.Artículo
1985Excess molar volumes of binary mixtures of ethyl acetate and propyl acetate with normal alkanolsOrtega, Juan ; Peña, Juan A.; Paz-Andrade, Maria I.Artículo
1985Excess Molar Volumes Of Butyl Acetate And An N-Alkanol At 298.15-KOrtega, J ; Pazandrade, Mi; Rodrigueznunez, E; Romani, LArtículo
1985Thermodynamic Properties Of (A-Xylene + An N-Alkanol) .3. Excess Molar Volumes At 298 15-K For 1-Hexanol, 1-Heptanol, And 1-OctanolRodrigueznunez, E; Pazandrade, Mi; Bravo, R; Ortega, J Artículo
1985Thermal-Expansion Coefficients Of The Mixture Benzene + 1-HeptanolOrtega, J Artículo
1985Excess Molar Volumes Of Binary-Mixtures Of 2-Hexanone With Normal-Alkane At 298.15-KOrtega, J ; Pazandrade, Mi; Rodrigueznunez, E; Jimenez, EArtículo
1985Excess Molar Volumes Of Binary-Mixtures Of Butyl Formate With Normal Alcohols At 298.15 KOrtega, J Artículo
1985Thermodynamic properties of (a xylene + an n-alkanol) III. Excess molar volumes at 298.15 K for 1-hexanol, 1-heptanol, and 1-octanolRodriguez-Nuñez, E.; Paz-Andrade, M. I.; Bravo, R.; Ortega, J. Artículo
1985Excess volumes of (benzene + each of several isomers of hexanol) at 298.15 KOrtega, J. ; Peña, J. A.; Paz Andrade, M. I.; Pintos, M.; Romani, L.Artículo
1985Equilibrio isobárico liquido-vapor de mezclas binarias : aplicación a mezclas esteres-alcoholesPeña Quintana, Juan Antonio Tesis doctoral2583.pdf.jpg
1986Expansivities of the Binary Mixtures Benzene + Pentan-1-ol and Benzene + Pentan-2-ol between 298.15 and 323.15 KOrtega, Juan ; Paz-Andrade, M. I.Artículo
1986Excess Molar Volumes of the Mixtures Hexan-2-ol + n-Alkane at 298.15 KOrtega, Juan ; Paz-Andrade, Maria I.; Rodriguez, EugenioArtículo
1986Thermodynamic properties of (a xylene + an n-alkanol) IV. Excess molar volumes at 298.15 K for 1-propanol, 1-butanol, and 1-pentanolRodriguez-Nuñez, E.; Paz-Andrade, M. I.; Ortega, J. Artículo
1986Excess molar enthalpies at 298.15 K of (an n-alkyl formate + an n-alkanol) I. {xHCO<inf>2</inf>(CH<inf>2</inf>)<inf>3</inf>CH<inf>3</inf> + (1 - x)C<inf>n</inf>H<inf>2n+1</inf>OH}, (n = 3 to 10)Lopez, M.; Paz-Andrade, M. I.; Fernandez, J.; Rodriguez-Nuñez, E.; Ortega, J. Artículo