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12021Optical camera communication as an enabling technology for microalgae cultivation †Jurado Verdú, Cristo Manuel ; Guerra, Victor ; Matus, Vicente; Almeida, Carlos ; Rabadán, José A. Artículosensors-21-01621-v2.pdf.jpg
22021Design and experimental characterization of a discovery and tracking system for optical camera communicationsMederos-Barrera, Antonio; Jurado Verdú, Cristo Manuel ; Guerra Yánez, Víctor ; Rabadán, José A. ; Perez-Jimenez, Rafael Artículo
32020Application of Optical Camera Communication to Microalgae Production PlantsJurado Verdú, Cristo Manuel ; Guerra, Victor ; Matus, Vicente; Rabadán, José A. ; Perez-Jimenez, Rafael , et alActas de congresos
42020Experimental Evaluation of an Analog Gain Optimization Algorithm in Optical Camera CommunicationsMatus, Vicente; Guerra, Victor ; Jurado Verdú, Cristo Manuel ; Teli, Shivani Rajendra; Zvanovec, Stanislav, et alActas de congresos
52020Discovering and Tracking-based Detection System for Optical Camera CommunicationMederos-Barrera, Antonio; Jurado Verdú, Cristo Manuel ; Guerra, Victor ; Rabadán, José A. ; Perez-Jimenez, Rafael Actas de congresos
62019Correlation-based receiver for optical camera communicationsJurado Verdú, Cristo Manuel ; Matus, Vicente; Rabadán Borges, José Alberto ; Guerra, Victor ; Pérez Jiménez, Rafael Artículooe-27-14-19150.pdf.jpg
72018Location Services for Data Acquisition on Underground Mining using Visible Light and Optical Camera CommunicationsPérez Jiménez, Rafael ; Guerra Yánez, Víctor ; Jurado Verdú, Cristo Manuel ; Rabadán Borges, José Alberto ; Aguiar Castillo, Carmen Lidia , et alActas de congresos