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12020Evaluation of different dosages of doxycycline during the adulticide treatment of heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) in dogsCarretón Gomez, Elena ; Morchon Garcia,Rodrigo ; Falcón Cordón, Yaiza ; Falcón Cordón, Soraya ; Matos, Joreg Ignacio; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto 1-s2.0-S0304401720301242-main.pdf.jpg
22020Evaluation of serum biomarkers and proteinuria for the early detection of renal damage in dogs with heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis)Carretón Gomez, Elena ; Falcón Cordón, Yaiza ; Rodon, J.; Matos Rivero, Jorge Isidoro ; Morchon Garcia,Rodrigo ; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto 
32020First epidemiological survey of Angiostrongylus vasorum in domestic dogs from SpainCarretón Gomez, Elena ; Morchon Garcia, Rodrigo ; Falcón Cordón, Yaiza ; Matos, Jorge; Costa Rodríguez, Noelia ; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto 
42019Assessment of the administration of maropitant and loperamide to dogs with cancer for the prevention and reduction of adverse effects associated with the administration of paclitaxelCartagena-Albertus, Juan C; Engel Manchado, Javier; Moise, Antoaneta; Moya García, Sergio; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto 
52019Angiogenic response in an in vitro model of dog microvascular endothelial cells stimulated with antigenic extracts from Dirofilaria immitis adult wormsZueva, Tatiana; Morchón, Rodrigo; Carretón Gomez, Elena ; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto ; Santana, Alexis; Bargues, María Dolores; Mas-Coma, Santiago; Rodríguez-Barbero, Alicia; Simón, FernandoAngiogenic_response_in-vitro.pdf.jpg
62019Exposure of humans to the zoonotic nematode Dirofilaria immitis in Northern PortugalFontes-Sousa, A. P.; Silvestre-Ferreira, A. C.; Carretón Gomez, Elena ; Esteves-Guimarães, J.; Maia-Rocha, C.; Oliveira, P.; Lobo, L.; Morchón, R.; Araújo, F.; Simón, F.; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto Exposure_humans_zoonotic_nematode.pdf.jpg
72019Variation of the adulticide protocol for the treatment of canine heartworm infection: Can it be shorter?Carretón Gomez, Elena ; Falcón-Cordón, Y.; Falcón-Cordón, S.; Morchón, R.; Matos, J. I.; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto 
82019Presumptive primary intrathoracic mast cell tumours in two dogsCartagena-Albertus, Juan Carlos; Moise, Antoaneta; Moya-García, Sergio; Cámara-Fernández, Nora; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto Presumptive_primary_intrathoracic.pdf.jpg
92019Persistence of pulmonary endarteritis in canine heartworm infection 10 months after the eradication of adult parasites of Dirofilaria immitisFalcón-Cordón, Y.; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto ; Caro Vadillo, Alicia ; Matos-Rivero, J. I.; Carretón Gomez, Elena 
102019Abordaje clínico: diagnóstico, tratamiento y prevenciónMontoya-Alonso, José Alberto ; Falcón Cordón, Yaiza ; Matos, Jorge I.; Carretón, Elena Abordaje_clinico_diagnostico.pdf.jpg
112019Stray dogs of Sofia (Bulgaria) could be an important reservoir of heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis)Stoyanova, H.; Carretón Gomez, Elena ; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto 
122018Experiencia en herramientas TIC: empleo de la plataforma MySpace para generar material docenteCarretón, Elena ; Corbera, Juan Alberto ; Montoya-Alonso, José Alberto 8.Experiencia_herramientas_TIC.pdf.jpg
132018The Canary Islands as a model of risk of pulmonary dirofilariasis in a hyperendemic areaCabrera, Elena D.; Carreton, Elena ; Morchon, Rodrigo; Falcón-Cordón, Yaiza; Falcón-Cordón, Soraya; Simón, Fernando; Montoya-Alonso, J. Alberto 
142018Use of a depot steroid formulation with CHOP-based protocol in the treatment of mediastinal lymphoma in catsCartagena Albertus, J. C.; Engel Manchado, J.; Romairone Duarte, A.; Moise, A.; Moya Garcia, S.; Jones, D.; Montoya-Alonso, J. A. Use_of_a_depo.pdf.jpg
152018Urethral leiomyosarcoma in a bitchCartagena Albertus, J. C.; Moya García, S.; Moise, A.; Fontalba Navas, J. L.; Engel Manchado, J.; Stonton, S.; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto Urethral_leiomyosarcoma.pdf.jpg
162017Pulmonary hypertension in dogs with heartworm before and after the adulticide protocol recommended by the American Heartworm SocietySerrano-Parreño, B.; Carretón, E. ; Caro-Vadillo, A. ; Falcón-Cordón, S,; Falcón-Cordón, Y.; Montoya-Alonso, J. A. 
172017Cardiopulmonary and inflammatory biomarkers in heartworm diseaseCarretón, Elena ; Morchón, R.; Montoya-Alonso, José Alberto Cardiopulmonary_inflammatory_biomarkers.pdf.jpg
182017Potential role of pet cats as a sentinel species for human exposure to flame retardantsHenríquez Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Carretón, Elena ; Camacho Rodríguez, María ; Montoya-Alonso, JA ; Boada, luis d ; Bernal Martín, Verónica; Falcón Cordón, Yaiza ; Falcón Cordón, Soraya ; Zumbado, Manuel ; Pérez Luzardo, Octavio Luis Potential_role_pet.pdf.jpg
192017Prevalence of heartworm in dogs and cats of Madrid, SpainMontoya-Alonso, José Alberto ; Morchón, R.; Falcón Cordón, Y.; Falcón Cordón, S.; Simón Martín,Fernando ; Carretón, Elena Prevalence_heartworm.pdf.jpg
202017Acute phase proteins and markers of oxidative stress to assess the severity of the pulmonary hypertension in heartworminfected dogsCarretón Gomez, Elena ; Cerón Madrigal, José Joaquín; Martínez-Subiela, Silvia; Tvarijonaviciute, Asta; Caro Vadillo, Alicia ; Montoya Alonso, José Alberto Acute_phase_proteins.pdf.jpg