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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12018The Spanish Civil War described by two women travelersMulligan, Maureen 
22017Relocation narratives: British women writers settling in Spain in the twenty-first centuryMulligan , Maureen 
32016Women's travel writing and the legacy of RomanticismMulligan, Maureen 
42016The Representation of Francoist Spain by Two British Women Travel WritersMulligan , Maureen The_Representation_of_Francoist_Spain_by_Two_Briti.pdf.jpg
52016Ideological conversions: three women activists in the 1930sMulligan, Maureen Ideological _conversions.pdf.jpg
62016The representation of Francoist Spain by two ritish women travel writersMulligan, Maureen The_representation_Francoist.pdf.jpg
72015Meeting readers. Promoting the use of english in early modern utilitarian and scientific books (1500-1699)Alonso Almeida, Francisco ; Mulligan, Maureen Meeting_readers_promoting_use.pdf.jpg
82015The status of may in Middle English medical writing. Evidence from Middle English Medical Texts and the Málaga Corpus of Late Middle English Scientific ProseAlonso-Almeida, Francisco ; Mulligan, Maureen ; Quintana Toledo, Elena 
92015Representations of India in the female gaze: Four women travellersMulligan , Maureen 06_Women_Travellers_India.pdf.jpg
102014Women travel writers and the question of veracityMulligan , Maureen 
112011La mujer en la obra de ShakespeareMulligan, Maureen ; Hernández Guerra, Concepción 
122011The representation of the Canaries to the English-speaking world: an analysis of the discourses used in tourist textsHernández Guerra, Concepción ; Mulligan, Maureen Dialnet-TheRepresentationOfTheCanariesToTheEnglishspeaking-3662497.pdf.jpg
132008Una revisión de la metodología en la didáctica de la traducción de lenguas para fines específicosHernández, María Concepción; Mulligan, Maureen 
142007La mujer viajera en plana crisis poscolonial: el ejemplo de Sara WheelerMulligan, Maureen 
152007Collusion or authenticity: Problems in translated dialogues in modern women's travel writingMulligan, Maureen 
162006From Theory to Practice: Teaching English to Translation in the Light of Key Theoretical Approaches to EFL MethodologyMulligan, Maureen 
172003The 1930s in Spanish and English women's travel writing: a brief comparative study of the work of Rebecca West, Martha Gellhorn and María Martínez SierraMulligan, Maureen 
182000Freya Stark: a british icon? the construction of nationality through travel writingMulligan, Maureen 
192000Error analysis of written and spoken english: practical suggestionsMulligan, Maureen 0233536_00007_0021.pdf.jpg
202000New directions or the end of the road? Women's travel writing at the millenniumMulligan, Maureen Dialnet-NewDirectionsOrTheEndOfTheRoadWomensTravelWritingA-203090.pdf.jpg