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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12020The Presentation of Orphans in Childre's and Young Adults' NarrativesSykes Herrera, CelesteTrabajo final de grado
22020Acid House and Rave Culture in the UK: How It Has Shaped British Youth IdentitySantana Domínguez, Manuel AdayTrabajo final de grado
32020A Comparison between Outlander and Brave: How do they Represent Scottish Culture?Santana Santana, Aida IsabelTrabajo final de grado
42020Bertha Mason: Constructing the Madwoman in the AtticMosquera Sánchez, DanielTrabajo final de grado
52019Gamification as a tool to teach English: An original example of a videogameGarcía Delgado, ArturoTrabajo final de grado
62019Power Struggles in Peaky Blinders: A Microcosm of Divided England in the Post-First World War PeriodGarcía Rivero, Selene PenélopeTrabajo final de grado
72018The Impact of Kitchen Sink Drama on British Cinema in the 1960'sJaén García, NoaTrabajo final de grado
82017Representations of Boudica in British Cultural HistoryConesa Costa, Iris SorayaTrabajo final de grado
92017Prime suspect and Happy Valley : the development of leading female characters in british crime televisión showsVega Torrens, Iriome Del CarmenTrabajo final de grado300072.pdf.jpg
102016Feminism in literature in the 60s: A severed head, The millstone and August is a wicked monthFalero González, AránzazuTrabajo final de grado299950.pdf.jpg
112016Women of power in the british renaissanceGarcía Granda, AlbaTrabajo final de grado299870.pdf.jpg
122015The concept of "Model minority" applied to the Chinese American community and the portrayal of the Chinese Spanish in SpainSuárez Perdomo, Gema MaríaTrabajo final de grado299845.pdf.jpg
132014Analysis of a textual genre in modern EnglishMedina Marrero, VaitiareTrabajo final de grado299672.pdf.jpg
142014Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead : from page to screenTorres Torres, Verónica IsabelTrabajo final de grado299668.pdf.jpg
152014Popular music in the UK in the sixties and its influence on societyFalcón Butler, AlejandroTrabajo final de grado299635.pdf.jpg
162014Murdering the Innocents : the issues of education and industrialism in Charles Dickens' Hard TimesViera Betancor, José EstebanTrabajo final de grado299650.pdf.jpg
172008La traducción de las canciones en el cineRodríguez Marrero, María de los ÁngelesTrabajo final de máster3456.pdf.jpg