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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020An historical ecological assessment of land-use evolution and observed landscape change in an arid aeolian sedimentary systemMarrero-Rodríguez, Néstor; García-Romero, Leví ; Sánchez-García, María José ; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Perez-Chacon Espino, María Emma 
22020A DIY low-cost wireless wind data acquisition system used to study an arid coastal foreduneDomínguez Brito, Antonio Carlos ; Cabrera Gámez, Jorge ; Viera-Pérez, Manuel; Rodríguez Barrera, Eduardo Miguel ; Hernández Calvento, Luis Francisco sensors-20-01064-v2.pdf.jpg
32019Beach surface lost historically: The case of the eastern coast of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain)Pérez Hernández, Eva ; Santana-Cordero, Aarón M.; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Monteiro-Quintana, María L. 
42019Effects of artificial light on flowering of foredune vegetationViera-Perez, M.; Hernández Calvento, Luis Francisco ; Hesp, P. A.; Santana del Pino, Ángelo Effectsofarftificial.pdf.jpg
52019Coastal geomorphic chronosequences across broad spatiotemporal scales. Metrical observations from the Cape Verde hotspotFerrer-Valero, Nicolás ; Hernández-Calvento, Luis 
62019Climate as a control on foredune mode in Southern AustraliaGarcía Romero, Leví Aday ; Hesp, Patrick A.; Peña Alonso, Carolina Priscila ; Miot da Silva, Graziela; Hernández Calvento, Luis Francisco 
72019Airflow dynamics, vegetation and aeolian erosive processes in a shadow zone leeward of a resort in an arid transgressive dune systemGarcía-Romero, Leví ; Delgado-Fernández, Irene; Hesp, Patrick A.; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Viera Pérez, Manuel; Hernández-Cordero, Antonio I. ; Cabrera-Gámez, Jorge ; Domínguez-Brito, Antonio C. 
82019Beach vegetation as an indicator of human impacts in arid environments: environmental conditions and landscape perception in the Canary IslandsPeña-Alonso, Carolina ; García-Romero, Leví ; Hernández-Cordero, Antonio I. ; Hernández-Calvento, Luis 
92019Biogeomorphological processes in an arid transgressive dunefield as indicators of human impact by urbanizationGarcía-Romero, Leví ; Delgado-Fernández, Irene; Hesp, Patrick A.; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Hernández-Cordero, Antonio I. ; Viera-Pérez, Manuel
102019Aeolian sedimentary systems of the Canary IslandsHernández Cordero, Antonio Ignacio ; Peña Alonso, Carolina Priscila ; Hernández Calvento, Luis Francisco ; Ferrer Valero, Nicolás ; Santana-Cordero, Aarón M.; García Romero, Leví Aday ; Perez-Chacon Espino, María Emma 
112018The integrated coastal zone management in the Canary IslandsEspino, Emma Pérez Chacón ; Peña-Alonso, Carolina ; Santana-Cordero, Aarón M.; Hernández-Calvento, Luis 
122018Procedure to automate the classification and mapping of the vegetation density in arid aeolian sedimentary systemsGarcía-Romero, Leví ; Hernández-Cordero, Antonio I. ; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Espino, Emma Pérez Chacón ; Gonzalez Lopez-Valcarcel, Beatriz 
132018Geomorphological changes in an arid transgressive coastal dune field due to natural processes and human impactsHernández-Cordero, Antonio I. ; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Hesp, Patrick A.; Pérez-Chacón, Emma
142018User’s perception of beach characteristics and management in summer and autumn seasons: the case of Gran Canaria Island (Spain)Peña Alonso, Carolina Priscila ; Ariza, Eduard; Hernández Calvento, Luis Francisco 
152018Assessing the geomorphological vulnerability of arid beach-dune systemsPeña-Alonso, Carolina ; Gallego-Fernández, Juan B.; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Hernández-Cordero, Antonio I. ; Ariza, Eduard
162018Insights of long-term geomorphological evolution of coastal landscapes in hot-spot oceanic islandsFerrer-Valero, Nicolas ; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Hernández-Cordero, Antonio I. 
172018Exploring multi-dimensional recreational quality of beach socio-ecological systems in the Canary Islands (Spain)Peña-Alonso, Carolina ; Ariza, Eduard; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Pérez-Chacón, Emma 
182018Assessment of scenic, natural and cultural heritage for sustainable management of tourist beaches. A case study of Gran Canaria island (Spain)Peña-Alonso, Carolina ; Pérez-Chacón Espino, Emma ; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Ariza Solé, Eduard
192017Evolución costera y diversidad geomórfica en archipiélagos de punto caliente: el caso de las islas CanariasFerrer Valero, N. ; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Hernández Cordero, Antonio Evolución costera y diversidad .pdf.jpg
202017The relationship between heritage, recreational quality and geomorphological vulnerability in the coastal zone: a case study of beach systems in the Canary IslandsPeña-Alonso, Carolina ; Hernández-Calvento, Luis ; Pérez-Chacón Espino, Emma ; Ariza Solé, Eduard