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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Hypertrophy of Lumbopelvic Muscles in Inactive Women: A 36-Week Pilates StudyDorado García, Cecilia ; López-Gordillo, Ana; Serrano Sánchez, José Antonio ; López Calbet, José Antonio ; Sanchís Moysi, Joaquín 
22019Prevalence of severe/morbid obesity and other weight status and anthropometric reference standards in Spanish preschool children: The PREFIT projectCadenas-Sanchez, Cristina; Intemann, Timm; Labayen, Idoia; Artero, Enrique G.; Alvarez-Bueno, Celia; Sanchis-Moysi, Joaquin ; Benito, Pedro J.; Beltran-Valls, María Reyes; Pérez-Bey, Alejandro; Sanchez-Delgado, Guillermo; Palou, Pere; Vicente-Rodríguez, Germán; Moreno, Luis A.; Ortega, Francisco B.
32019Domain and intensity of physical activity are associated with metabolic syndrome: A population-based studySerrano Sánchez, José Antonio ; Jesus Fernandez-Rodriguez, Maria; Sanchís Moysi, Joaquín ; del Cristo Rodriguez-Perez, Maria; Marcelino-Rodriguez, Itahisa; Cabrera de Leon, Antoniojournal.pone.0219798.pdf.jpg
42019Physical fitness reference standards for preschool children: The PREFIT projectCadenas-Sanchez, Cristina; Intemann, Timm; Labayen, Idoia; Peinado, Ana B.; Vidal-Conti, Josep; Sanchis-Moysi, Joaquin ; Moliner-Urdiales, Diego; Rodriguez Perez, Manuel A.; Cañete Garcia-Prieto, Jorge; Fernández-Santos, Jorge del Rosario; Martinez-Tellez, Borja; Vicente-Rodríguez, Germán; Löf, Marie; Ruiz, Jonatan R.; Ortega, Francisco B.
52019Greater reduction in abdominal than in upper arms subcutaneous fat in 10-to 12-year-old tennis players: a volumetric MRI studySanchís Moysi, Joaquín ; Serrano Sánchez, José Antonio ; González Henríquez, Juan José ; López Calbet, José Antonio ; Dorado García, Cecilia fped-07-00345.pdf.jpg
62017The core musculature in male prepubescent tennis players and untrained counterparts: a volumetric MRI studySanchis-Moysi, Joaquin ; Idoate, Fernando; Álamo Arce, Daniel David ; Calbet, José A.L. ; Dorado García, Cecilia 
72017Assessing physical FITness in PREschool children: fitness reference standards from The PREFIT ProjectCadenas-Sanchez, Cristina; Intemann, Timm; Artero, Enrique G.; Sánchez-López, Mairena; Moliner-Urdiales, Diego; Castro-Pinero, José; Vidal-Conti, Josep; Sanchís-Moysi, J ; Benito Peinado, P.J.; Vicente-Rodríguez, Germán; Löf, Marie; Labayen, Idoia; Ruiz, Jonatan R.; Ortega, Francisco B.
82017Effects of velocity loss during resistance training on athletic performance, strength gains and muscle adaptationsPareja-Blanco, F.; RodrÍguez-Rosell, D.; Sánchez-Medina, L.; Sanchis-Moysi, J. ; Dorado, C. ; Mora-Custodio, R.; Yañez-Garcia,J. M.; Morales-Alamo, David ; Pérez-Suárez, Ismael; Calbet, J. A. L. ; González-Badillo, J. J.
92016Ghost or Real Musculoskeletal Asymmetries in Football Players?Sanchis-Moysi, Joaquín ; Calbet, José A.L. 
102016The asymmetry of pectoralis muscles is greater in male prepubertal than in professional tennis playersSanchis-Moysi, Joaquin ; Dorado, Cecilia ; Idoate, Fernando; González-Henríquez, Juan J. ; Serrano-Sanchez, Jose A. ; Calbet, Jose A L 
112015Physical fitness, adiposity and testosterone concentrations are associated to playing position in professional basketballersPonce-González, Jesús Gustavo; Olmedillas, Hugo; Calleja-González, Julio; Guerra, Borja ; Sanchis-Moysi, Joaquín 
122014A reliable unipedal stance test for the assessment of balance using a force platformPonce-González, J. G.; Sanchis-Moysi, J. ; Gonzalez-Henriquez, J. J. ; Arteaga Ortiz, Rafael Ángel ; Calbet, J. A.L. ; Dorado, C. 
132013The hypertrophy of the lateral abdominal wall and quadratus lumborum is sport-specific: An MRI segmental study in professional tennis and soccer playersSanchis-Moysi, Joaquin ; Idoate, Fernando; Izquierdo, Mikel ; Calbet, Jose A. ; Dorado, Cecilia 
142012Marked effects of pilates on the abdominal muscles: A longitudinal magnetic resonance imaging studyDorado, Cecilia ; Calbet, Jose A L ; Lopez-Gordillo, Ana; Alayon, Santiago; Sanchis-Moysi, Joaquin 
152012Abdominales para un trabajo muscular abdominal más seguro y eficazDorado García, Cecilia ; Dorado García, Nuria; Sanchís Moysi, Joaquín 
162012Muscle hypertrophy in prepubescent tennis players: A segmentation MRI studySanchis-Moysi, Joaquin ; Idoate, Fernando; Serrano-Sanchez, Jose A. ; Dorado, Cecilia ; Calbet, Jose A L 
172012Contribution of individual and environmental factors to physical activity level among spanish adultsSerrano-Sanchez, José Antonio ; Lera-Navarro, Angela; Dorado-García, Cecilia ; González-Henriquez, Juan José ; Sanchis-Moysi, Joaquin contribution_of_individual_and_environmental.PDF.jpg
182011Associations between screen time and physical activity among spanish adolescentsSerrano-Sanchez, Jose A. ; Martí-Trujillo, Sara; Lera-Navarro, Angela; Dorado-García, Cecilia ; González-Henríquez, Juan J. ; Sanchís-Moysi, Joaquín 
192011Iliopsoas and gluteal muscles are asymmetric in tennis players but not in soccer playersSanchis-Moysi, Joaquin ; Idoate, Fernando; Izquierdo, Mikel ; Calbet, Jose A L ; Dorado, Cecilia Iliopsoas_and_gluteal_muscles.pdf.jpg
202011Soccer attenuates the asymmetry of rectus abdominis muscle observed in non-athletesIdoate, Fernando; Calbet, Jose A.L. ; Izquierdo, Mikel ; Sanchis-Moysi, Joaquin Soccer_attenuates.pdf.jpg