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12021Specific environmental charges to boost Cold Ironing use in the European Short Sea ShippingMartínez López, Alba ; Romero-Filgueira, Alejandro; Chica, ManuelArtículo
22020Review of Waste Handling Plans in insular ports: Lessons from Las Palmas PortRuiz García, Alejandro ; Martínez López, Alba ; Pérez Pérez, Ivone Ponencia
32020Joint optimization of routes and container fleets to design sustainable intermodal chains in chileMartínez-López, Alba ; Chica González, Manuel José Artículo
42020Social cost benefit analysis of port handling plans for annex IV waste of MARPOL: A case study in Las Palmas portMartínez López, Alba ; Ruiz García, Alejandro ; Pérez Pérez, Ivone Artículosocial_cost_benefit.pdf.jpg
52020A multi-objective mathematical model to select fleets and maritime routes in short sea shipping: a case study in ChileMartínez López, Alba ArtículoMartínez-López2020_Article_AMulti-objectiveMathematicalMo.pdf.jpg
62020Multi-criteria decision method applied to Motorways of the SeaMartínez López, Alba ; Trujillo Castellano, Lourdes Capítulo de libro
72020Establishment of MoS in Chile: Pertinence Assessment Through an Analysis of Previous ScenariosMartínez López, Alba ; Trujillo Castellano, Lourdes ; Chica González, Manuel Capítulo de libro
82019Choice of propulsion plants for container vessels operating under Short Sea Shipping conditions in the European Union: An assessment focused on the environmental impact on the intermodal chainsMartínez-López, Alba ; Caamaño Sobrino, Pilar; Chica González, Manuel; Trujillo, Lourdes Artículo
92019Assessment of the feasibility of the Eastern African ports to articulate intermodal chains through Short Sea ShippingMartínez López, Alba ; Trujillo Castellano, Lourdes ; Balboa La Chica, Pedro Manuel Actas de congresos
102018Optimization of a container vessel fleet and its propulsion plant to articulate sustainable intermodal chains versus road transportMartínez-López, Alba ; Caamaño Sobrino, Pilar; Chica González, Manuel ; Trujillo, Lourdes Artículo
112017Influence on the competitiveness of the intermodal chains of the possible technical solutions for short sea shipping fleets by operating in ECA zonesMartínez López, Alba ; Chica González, Manuel ; Trujillo Castellano, Lourdes Ponencia
122017Feasibility of the intermodal chains articulated through MoS in ChileMartínez López, Alba ; Caamaño Sobrino, Pilar; Trujillo, Lourdes ; Chica González, Manuel Ponencia
132016Influence of external costs on the optimisation of container fleets by operating under motorways of the sea conditionsMartínez-López, Alba ; Sobrino, Pilar Caamaño; González, Marcos MíguezArtículo
142015A multi-criteria decision method for the analysis of the Motorways of the Sea: the application to the case of France and Spain on the Atlantic CoastMartínez-López, Alba ; Munín-Doce, Alicia; García-Alonso, LorenaArtículo
152015Cost and time models for the evaluation of intermodal chains by using short sea shipping in the North Sea Region: The Rosyth-Zeebrugge routeMartínez-López, Alba ; Kronbak, Jacob; Jiang, LipingArtículo
162015Definition of optimal fleets for Sea Motorways: The case of France and Spain on the Atlantic coastMartínez-López, Alba ; Sobrino, Pilar Caamaño; Santos, Laura CastroArtículo
172015Assessment of motorways of the sea through a method based on analysis of decision groupsMartínez-López, A. ; Pena-Agras, D.; Munín-Doce, A.Actas de congresosAssessment of motorways of the sea throung a method based on analysis of decision groups .pdf.jpg
182014Corrigendum to "Characterization of phenolic exudates from Phaeodactylum tricornutum and their effects on the chemistry of Fe(II)-Fe(III)"Santana-Casiano, J. M. ; González-Dávila, M. ; González, A. G. ; Rico, M. ; Lopez, A. , et alArtículo
192014Document management tool for the maintenance of vesselsMunín Doce, A.; Caamaño Sobrino, P.; Mallo Casdelo, A.; Martínez López, A. Actas de congresosDocument management tool for the maintenance of vessels.pdf.jpg
202013Cost and time models for road haulage and intermodal transport using Short Sea Shipping in the North Sea RegionMartínez López, Alba ; Kronbak, Jacob; Jiang, LipingPonencia