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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12020Atlantoaxial subluxation in dogs, literature review and 8 case reportsGusmeles Gullón, ClaudiaTrabajo final de grado
22020Application of the Apgar Test and plasma glucose levels to assess the viability in neonates of brachycephalic breedsHittig, Renata KingaTrabajo final de grado
32020Effects of epidural infiltration with methylprednisolone acetate as alternative non-surgical therapy in 7 dogs with cauda equina syndrome: a prospective studyVera Cabrera, Carla PilarTrabajo final de grado
42020New surgical technique for elbow luxation in catsGonzález Meneses, AriadnaTrabajo final de grado
52019Feline chronic bowel disease: Bibliographic and clinical cases of VTH-ULPGC. A reviewCabrera Guedes, EvaTrabajo final de grado
62019Diagnosis and Treatment of Elbow Dysplasia in dogsNavarro Acosta, DanielTrabajo final de grado
72019Comparison of techniques for the resolution of anterior cruciate ligament rupturePadrón Ferrari, PedroTrabajo final de grado
82019Management of trauma patients based on a restrospective review of small animal clinical cases: A protocol guide in emergency approach for veterinary students and novel practitionersCambre Abeledo, NadiaTrabajo final de grado
92018Estudio de la efectividad de la administración intraarticular de morfina y bupivacaina en la etapa postquirúrgica tras cirugías de luxación de rótulasFernández Servián, Adolfo LuisTrabajo final de máster
102018Comparison of alfaxalone and propofol administered as anesthetic induction agent for ovariohysterectomy in bitchesHernández Carrillo, LauraTrabajo final de grado
112018Honey. Its properties and benefits as an alternative in the treatment of woundsMendoza González, Jose JonayTrabajo final de grado
122018Surgical Treatment of Nasal Tumors wih a Two-Port ApproachAlmenara Pérez, PaulaTrabajo final de grado
132017Used of epidural anesthesia to reduce the concentration of inhalatory agents in cranial cruciate ligament rupture surgery (TTA).Herráiz García, NataliaTrabajo final de grado
142017Gastric dilatation and volvulus in a twelveyear-old Spanish Mastiff:Case report and al literature review of this syndrome and the importance of the prophylactic gastropexyPérez Noda, ArianaTrabajo final de grado
152016CANINE HIP DYSPLASIA: Diagnosis and Surgical TreatmentLópez García, RocíoTrabajo final de grado
162015Clinical applications of platelet rich plasma (PRP) in joint certain diseases.Suárez González, DéboraTrabajo final de grado