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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12000On completness in early vision from systems theoryBolívar-Toledo, O.; Muñoz Blanco, J. A. ; Candela Solá, S.; Moreno-Diaz, Roberto Actas de congresos
22000McCulloch program II in artificial systems and Lastres theoremRovaris, E. ; Eugenio, F. ; Moreno Diaz, R. Actas de congresos
32000Cast methods in biocyberneticsMoreno-Díaz, R. Actas de congresos
42000Systems approach to attention mechanisms in the visual pathwayMoreno-Díaz, Roberto ; Quevedo-Losada, Juan Carlos ; Quesada-Arencibia, Alexis Actas de congresos