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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1968The relationship between succinate dehydrogenase activity and oxygen consumption in the brine shrimp Artemia Salina1Packard, Theodore T. ; Taylor, Peter B.
1970Efficiency of the reverse-flow filter technique for concentration of particulate matterHolm-Hansen, O.; Packard, T. T. ; Pomeroy, L.R.
1973The light dependence of nitrate reductase in marine phytoplanktonPackard, Theodore T. 
1975Respiration and the activity of the respiratory electron transport system in marine zooplanktonKing, Frederick D.; Packard, Theodore T. 
1979Respiratory electron transport activities in phytoplankton and bacteria: Comparison of methodsChristensen, J. P.; Packard, T. T. 
1983Mural endocarditis in a heroin dependent patientSala, J.; Ardiaca, A.; Paré, C.; Abad, C. ; Moreu, I.; Sanz, G.; Mulet, J.; Navarro-López, F.
1983Cardiac echinococcosisSala, J.; Paré, C.; Abad, C. ; Sanz, G.; Navarro-López, F.; Mulet, J.; Sánchez-Lloret, J.
1985Pleural mesothelioma manifesting as a spontaneous pneumothoraxFreixinet, J. ; Pera, M.; Ramírez, J.; Sánchez-Lloret, J.
1986Pneumonitis and amiodaroneAntolín Arias, J.; Cabrera Navarro, P. ; Amerigo García, M. J.; Romero Saavedra, T.
1986Legionella bozemanii pneumonia and tetracyclineRuiz-Santana, S. ; Aguado-Bourrey, J. M.; Narvaez-Bermejo, J. M.; Gonzalez-Mediero, G.
1986Bone disease in alcohol abuseSosa Henriquez, M. ; Betancor Leon, P.; Font The Mora Turon, A.; Navarro Rodriguez, M. C.
1986Dissecting aorta and pregnancy: apropos of a caseFita, G.; Gomar, C.; Pacheco, M.; Abad, C. ; Mestres, C.; Nalda, M. A.; Mulet, J.
1987Pliocene chelonian fossil eggs from Gran Canaria, Canary islandsHirsch, Karl F.; López-Jurado, Luis Felipe EGGS_GEOCHELONE_VULCANICA.pdf.jpg
1987Apropos of cardiac hypertrophy in the athleteLópez-Calbet, J. A. ; Nolla-Solé, J. M.; Ruiz-Martín, J. M.; Juanola-Roura, X.
1987Prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus infection in risk groups. Our experienceGarcía-Rodríguez, J. A.; Martín Sánchez, A. M. ; Canut, A.; Muñoz Bellido, J. L.
1987MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS ON ISLANDSSosa, M. ; Font De Mora, A.; Navarro, M. C.; Reyes, M. P.; Garcia, J. R.; Betancor, P.
1987Post-sternectomy analgesia and anesthesiaFábregas, N.; Castillo, J.; Abad, C. ; Beltrán, A.
1988Response to tetracycline of telangiectasias in a male hemophiliac with human immunodeficiency virus infectionJiménez-Acosta, F. ; Fonseca, E.; Magallón, M.
1988Diagnostic value of cutaneous cytology in opportunistic fungal infections of patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndromeJiménez-Acosta, F. J. ; Vicandi, B.; Viguer, J. M.
1988Intra-parenchymal renal pheochromocytomaPérez Arellano, J. L. ; Corrales Hernández, J. J.; García Díez, L. C.; Miralles García, J. M.