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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Methyl cianide. Spectroscopic studies of isotopically substituted species, and the harmonic potential functionDuncan, J. L.; McKean, D. C.; Tullini, F.; Nivellini, G. D.; Perez Peña, J. 
1979Infrared spectrum of acetonitrile-15NParellada, R.; Perez-Peña, J. ; Arenas, J. F.
1979Methyl isocyanide. Spectroscopic studies of isotopically substituted species, and the general harmonic potential functionDuncan, J. L.; McKean, D. C.; Mackenzie, M. W.; Perez Peña, J. 
1987Transference Number Measurements in Aqueous Solutions at 25 °C. 3. Lithium BromideEsteso, Miguel A.; Esparza, Miguel; Grandoso, Domingo M.; Gonzalez-Diaz, Oscar M. 
1988Vibrational spectra of thiazole-2-carboxylic acid and thiazole-2-carboxylate ionPérez-Peña, J. ; Arenas, J. F. ; González-Dávila, M. 
1988Activity coefficients for trichloroacetic acid (HTCA) at 25° C from emf measurements of the mixed system HCl + HTCA + H2OEsteso, Miguel A.; Femandez-Merida, Luis; Hernandez-Luis, Felipe F.; Gonzalez-Diaz, Oscar M. 
1989Dissolved/dispersed hydrocarbons in seawater, determined by infrared and fluorescence spectroscopyGonzalez-Davila, M. ; Perez-PeÑa, J. ; Santana-Casiano, M. ; Hernandez-Brito, J. 
1989Activity coefficients in mixed-electrolyte solutions at 25°C: Na-formate + NaCl systemEsteso, Miguel A.; Hernandez-Luis, Felipe F.; Fernandez-Merida, Luis; González-Díaz, Oscar M. 
1989Transference numbers for aqueous solutions of trichloroacetic acid (HTCA) at 25°C by the emf methodEsteso, Miguel A.; Fernandez-Merida, Luis; Hernandez-Luis, Felipe F.; Gonzalez-Diaz, Oscar M. 
1989Transference Number Measurements For Libr In Ethanol-water Mixtures At 25 °CEsteso, Miguel A.; Esparza, Miguel; González-Díaz, Oscar M. ; Grandoso, Domingo M.
1989Activity coefficients for aqueous solutions of potassium succinate (K2Succ) at 25°CEsteso, Miguel A.; Fernandez-Merida, Luis; González-Díaz, Oscar M. ; Hernandez-Luis, Felipe F.
1989Activity coefficients for NaCl in ethanol-water mixtures at 25°CEsteso, Miguel A.; González-Díaz, Oscar M. ; Hernández-Luis, Felipe F.; Fernández-Mérida, Luis
1989Theoretical Distribution Of Silicate In An Urban Sewage Outfall, Correlation With Experimental DataPérez Peña, Jesús ; Hernández Brito, J. J. ; González Dávila, Melchor ; Gelado Caballero, María Dolores 
1990Development of a computerized electrochemical system for stripping voltammetryHernández‐Brito, J. J. ; Cardona‐Castellano, P.; Pérez‐Peña, J. ; Gelado‐Caballero, Ma D. 
1991Comparative analysis of the activity coefficients for the system NaBr+NaFormate+H2O at 25°C by the methods of scatchard, pitzer and limEsteso, M. A.; Hernández-Luis, F.; González-Díaz, O. ; Fernández-Mérida, L.; Khoo, S. K.; Lim, T. K.
1991Transference numbers for NaCl in a 60 wt.% ethanol-water mixture at 25°CEsteso, Miguel A.; Gonzalez-Diaz, Oscar M. ; Fernandez-Merida, Luis; Hernandez-Luis, Felipe F.
1992Lindane adsorption-desorption on chitin in seawaterGonzález-Dávila, Melchor ; Pérez Peña, Jesús ; Santana-Casiano, J. Magdalena 5717.pdf.jpg
1992Chemical Bath Deposition of Cds Thin Films: Electrochemical in Situ Kinetic StudiesDoña, J. M. ; Herrero, J.
1992The dependence of the surface diffusion coefficients of gold atoms on the potential: its influence on reconstruction of metal latticesDoña, J. M. ; González-Velasco, J.
1992Ionic interactions in aqueous solutions of organic electrolytes. Activity coefficients for (sodium chloride + sodium hydrogen malonate + sodium malonate) (aq) at 25°C. Application of Pitzer's equationsFernández-Mérida, Luis; Hernández-Luis, Felipe F.; González-Díaz, Oscar M. ; Esteso, Miguel A.