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2009Trichinella: Differential expression of angiogenic factors in macrophages stimulated with antigens from encapsulated and non-encapsulated speciesShariati, F.; Pérez-Arellano, J. L. ; López-Abán, J.; Arefi, M.; Martínez-Fernández, A. R.; Muro, A.
2010Infecciones por cestodosMuro Álvarez, Antonio; Andrade, M. A.; Shariati, F.; Pérez Arellano, Jose Luis 
2010Role of angiogenic factors in acute experimental Strongyloides venezuelensis infectionShariati, F.; Pérez-Arellano, J. L. ; López-Abán, J.; El Behairy, A. M.; Muro, A.
2011Evaluation of the role of angiogenic factors in the pathogenesis of schistosomiasisShariati, F.; Pérez-Arellano, J. L. ; Carranza, C.; López-Abán, J.; Vicente, B.; Arefi, M.; Muro, A.
2016Angiogenesis And HelminthsShariati, F.; Pérez Arellano, José Luis ; Lopez-Aban, J.; Alvarez, A. M.1281-3238-1-PB.pdf.jpg