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Optical phytoplankton discriminator (OPD) developed for a gliperVega Moreno, Daura ; Manchado, P.; Schofield, Oscar; Kirkpatrick, Gary J.; Rueda López, Maria Jose , et al2011Instrumentation ViewPoint [ISSN 1886-4864], (11), p. 16ArtículoOptical_phytoplankton_discriminator.pdf.jpg
The Challenger Glider Mission: A global ocean predictive skill experimentDobson, Collin; Mart, Jeffrey; Strandskov, Nilsen; Kohut, Josh; Schofield, Oscar, et al20132013 Oceans - San Diego [ISSN 0197-7385], (2013)Actas de congresos
Ocean predictive skill assessments in the South Atlantic: Crowd-sourcing of student-based discoverySacatelli, Rachael; Schofield, Tobias; Todoroff, Katherine; Carandang, Angela; Eng, Alyson, et al201410.1109/OCEANS.2014.70031342014 Oceans - St. John's, OCEANS 2014 [ISSN 0197-7385] (7003134)Actas de congresos
Lagrangian coherent structure assisted path planning for transoceanic autonomous underwater vehicle missionsRamos, A. G. ; García-Garrido, V. J.; Mancho, A. M.; Wiggins, S.; Coca, J. , et al201810.1038/s41598-018-23028-8Scientific Reports [ISSN 2045-2322], v. 8, 45751,414Q14,011Q1ArtículoLagrangian_coherent.pdf.jpg