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1981The effect of starvation, diabetes or hypophysectomy on the testicular function in ratRuiz De Galarreta, C. M.; Lopez-Blanco, F. ; Fanjul, L. F. Artículo
1981Effects of cholinergic and anti-cholinergic drugs on restraint-induced prolactin releaseRuiz De Galarreta, C. M.; Fanjul, L. F. ; Hanson, E.; Meites, J.Artículo
1981Effects of starvation in rats on serum levels of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone and testicular 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activityFanjul, L. F. ; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.Artículo
1981The effect of starvation, restricted feed intake and refeeding on acid phosphatase activity of the hypothalamus and frontal cerebral cortex of the ratRuiz de Galarreta, C. M.; Fanjul, L. F. Artículo
1983Regulation of 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity by human chorionic gonadotropin, androgens, and anti-androgens in cultured testicular cellsRuiz De Galarreta, C. M.; Fanjul, L. F. ; Meidan, R.; Hsueh, A. J.W.Artículo
1984Estrogen regulation of progestin biosynthetic enzymes in cultured rat granulosa cellsFanjul, L. F. ; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.; Hsueh, A. J.W.Artículo
1988Serum androgen levels after streptozotocin administration in the male ratCentol, I.; López-Blanco, F. ; Deniz, A.; Benítez, L.; Marrero-Arencibia, I. , et alArtículo
1988Functional activity of rat testicular cells in cultureCentol, I.; Deniz, A.; Benitez, L.; Marrero, I. ; Fanjul, L. F. , et alArtículo
1989R1881 regulation of steroidogenesis in cultured testicular cellsFanjul, L. F. ; Estevez, F. ; Deniz, A.; Marrero, I. ; Benitez, L., et alArtículo
1989The androgen receptor does not mediate progestin regulation of progesterone biosynthesis in cultured rat granulosa cellsQuintana, J ; Fanjul, L. F. ; Estevez, F. ; Deniz Caceres, A. ; Marrero, I. , et alArtículo
1992Testicular 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/Δ<sup>5-4</sup> isomerase in the hypophysectomized rat: Effect of treatment with 5α-dihydrotestosteroneFanjul, L. F. ; Quintana, J.; Gonzalez, J.; Santana, P.; Estevez, F. , et alArtículo
1992R5020 enhances PGE<inf>2</inf>stimulated steroidogenesis in cultured rat granulosa cellsFanjul, L. F. ; Gonzalez, J.; Santana, P.; Estevez, F. ; Quintana, J., et alArtículo
1995Partial characterization of a thyrotropin releasing hormone-sensitive glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol in pituitary lactotrophesBenítez, Lourdes; Fanjul, Luisa F. ; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.; Quintana Aguiar, J. ; González Reyes, J., et alArtículo
1996c-Jun is a downstream target for ceramide-activated protein phosphatase in A431 cellsReyes, Juan González; Robayna, Ignacio González ; Delgado, Pino Santana ; González, Inmaculada Hernández ; Aguiar, José Quintana , et alArtículo
1997Effect of the protein phosphatase inhibitor okadaic acid on FSH-induced granulosa cell steroidogenesisGonzález Reyes, J.; Santana, P. ; González Robaina, I. ; Cabrera Oliva, J.; Estévez, F. , et alArtículo
1998Sphingomyelin and ceramide mass assaySantana, P.; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.; Fanjul, L. F. Reseña
1998Measurement of sphingomyelin and ceramide cellular levels after sphingomyelinase-mediated sphingomyelin hydrolysisSantana, P.; Fanjul, L. F. ; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.Reseña
2000Isolation of (s)-(+)-naproxene from Musa acuminata. Inhibitory effect of naproxene and its 7-methoxy isomer on constitutive COX-1 and inducible COX-2Abad, T.; McNaughton-Smith, G.; Fletcher, W. Q.; Echeverri, F.; Diaz-Peñate, R., et alArtículo
2000Regulation by ceramide of epidermal growth factor signal transduction and mitogenesis in cell lines overexpressing the growth factor receptorGallardo, G. ; Tabraue, C. ; Quintana, J ; López-Blanco, F. ; Cabrera, J., et alArtículo
2003Toxicity of nitric oxide and peroxynitrite to Photobacterium damselae subsp. piscicidaAcosta, F. ; Real, F. ; Ruiz De Galarreta, C. M.; Díaz, R.; Padilla, D. , et alArtículo