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2010Naturally occurring asteriscunolide A induces apoptosis and activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in human tumor cell linesNegrín, Gledy; Eiroa, José L. ; Morales, Manuel; Triana, Jorge; Quintana, Jose , et alArtículo
2010Melatonin decreases cell proliferation and induces melanogenesis in human melanoma SK-MEL-1 cellsCabrera, Javier; Negrín, Gledy; Estevez, Francisco ; Loro, Juan ; Reiter, Russel J., et alArtículo
2012Ayanin diacetate-induced cell death is amplified by TRAIL in human leukemia cellsMarrero, María Teresa; Estévez, Sara; Negrín, Gledy; Quintana, Jose ; López, Mariana, et alArtículo
2015The eudesmanolide tanapsin from Tanacetum oshanahanii and its acetate induce cell death in human tumor cells through a mechanism dependent on reactive oxygen speciesNegrín, Gledy; Rubio Sánchez, Sara ; Marrero, María Teresa; Quintana Aguiar, José Martín ; Eiroa Martínez, José Luis , et alArtículo