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Discriminative ability of heel quantitative ultrasound in postmenopausal women with prevalent low-trauma fractures: application of optimal threshold cutoff values using CART modelsNavarro, María del Carmen; Saavedra Santana, Pedro ; Gómez-de-Tejada, María Jesús; Suárez, Mercedes; Hernández, Diego, et al201110.1016/j.jocd.2011.06.008Journal of Clinical Densitometry [ISSN 1094-6950],v. 14, p. 492-4981,018Q11,295Q4Artículo
Osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome according to socio-economic status, contribution of PTH, vitamin D and body weight: The Canarian osteoporosis poverty study (COPS)Navarro, María Del Carmen; Saavedra, Pedro; Jõdar, Esteban; Gõmez De Tejada, Mâ Jesús; Mirallave, Ana, et al201310.1111/cen.12051Clinical Endocrinology[ISSN 0300-0664],v. 78, p. 681-6861,401Q13,353Q2Artículo
High prevalence of undiagnosed vertebral fractures in patients suffering from hip fracture at their hospital admission: weak concordance among observersSosa, Manuel ; Saavedra, Pedro; Gómez-de-Tejada, María Jesús; Navarro, María del Carmen; Jódar, Esteban, et al201510.1007/s40520-015-0365-9Aging Clinical and Experimental Research[ISSN 1594-0667],v. 27, p. 835-8390,557Q21,368Q4Artículo