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1990On the design of MESFET harmonic injection frequency dividers using the harmonic balance techniqueDorta, Pablo ; Perez, JorgeActas de congresos
1990A Pll Simulator For Education In A Radiocommunication And Microwaves LaboratoryPerez, J; Dorta, P; Gonzalez, GArtículo
1994MMIC transimpedance amplifier for an optical front-end with high gain and minimum rippleCasao-Perez, J. A.; Dorta, P. ; Perez, F.; Perez, J.Artículo
2000A simple approach to design optimum noise-matching networks for optical receiversCrespo, C; Dorta, P; Alonso, JI; Perez, FArtículo
2004High range-resolution radar scheme for imaging with tunable distance limitsAsensio-López, A.; Blanco-Del-Campo, A.; Gismero-Menoyo, J.; Ramirez-Morán, D.; Torregrosa-Penalva, G., et alArtículo
2005Experimental network of marine environmental observation, surveillance and control in the Canary Islands waters (RED ACOMAR)Araña, V. ; Cabrera, F. ; Dorta, P. ; Jiménez, E. ; Villar, I., et alActas de congresos
2006Focused ISAR images of maritime targets using a high resolution LFMCW millimeter-wave radarMuñoz-Ferreras, J. M.; Pérez-Martínez, F.; Calvo-Gallego, J.; Blanco-del-Campo, A.; Asensio-López, A., et alActas de congresos
2006Motion compensation for ISAR based on the shift-and-convolution algorithmMuñoz-Ferreras, J. M.; Calvo-Gallego, J.; Pérez-Martínez, F.; Blanco-del-Campo, A.; Asensio-López, A., et alActas de congresos01631825.pdf.jpg
2007Stagger procedure to extend the frequency modulated interrupted continuous wave technique to high resolution radarsGonzález-Partida, J. T.; Burgos-García, M.; Dorta-Naranjo, B. P. ; Pérez-Martínez, F.Artículo
2007CWLFM radar for ship detection and identificationCarmona Duarte, Cristina ; Dorta Naranjo, B. Pablo ; López, Alberto Asensio; Del Campo, Álvaro BlancoArtículo
2008Traffic surveillance system based on a high-resolution radarMuñoz-Ferreras, J. M.; Pérez-Martínez, F.; Calvo-Gallego, J.; Asensio-López, A.; Dorta-Naranjo, B. P. , et alArtículo
2008SAR system for UAV operation with motion error compensation beyond the resolution cellGonzález-Partida, José Tomás; Almorox-González, Pablo; Burgos-García, Mateo; Dorta-Naranjo, Blas Pablo ArtículoSAR_System_for_UAV_Operation_with_Motion_Error_Com.pdf.jpg
2009Millimeter-Wave sensor with FMICW capabilities for medium-range high-resolution radarsAlmorox-González, Pablo; González-Partida, José Tomás; Burgos-García, Mateo; Dorta-Naranjo, B. Pablo ; Gismero, JavierActas de congresos
2009Through-the-wall surveillance with millimeter-wave LFMCW radarsGonzález-Partida, José Tomás; Almorox-González, Pablo; Burgos-García, Mateo; Dorta-Naranjo, Blas Pablo ; Alonso, José I.Actas de congresos
2011Interferometric inverse synthetic aperture radar experiment using an interferometric linear frequency modulated continuous wave millimetre-wave radarFelguera-Martín, D.; González-Partida, J. T.; Almorox-González, P.; Burgos-García, M.; Dorta-Naranjo, B. P. ArtículoINVE_MEM_2011_77304.pdf.jpg
2011Instrumental CWLFM high-range resolution radar in millimeter waveband for ISAR imagingBlanco-Del-Campo, Álvaro; Asensio-Lopez, Alberto; Gismero-Menoyo, Javier; Dorta-Naranjo, Blas Pablo ; Carretero-Moya, JavierArtículo