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2003Thermophysical behavior and temperature effect on the N-methylpyrrolidone + (C1-C10) alkan-1-ols mixed solventsGarcía, Begoña; Alcalde, Rafael; Aparicio, Santiago; Leal, José M.; Trenzado, José L. 
2005Comments on "densities, viscosities, speeds of sound, and relative permittivities for water + cyclic amides (2-Pyrrolidinone, 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone, and 1-vinyl-pyrrolidinone) at different Temperatures" (George J.; Sastry N. V. J. Chem. Eng. Data 2004, 49, 235-242)García, Begoña; Alcalde, Rafael; Aparicio, Santiago; Dávila, María J.; Leal, José M.; Matos, José S.; Sastry, Nandhibatla V.
2011Study of dimethoxyethane/ethanol solutionsAparicio, Santiago; Alcalde, Rafael; Trenzado, José Luis ; Caro, María N. ; Atilhan, Mert
2013Densities and viscosities of three binary monoglyme + 1-alcohol systems from (283.15 to 313.15) KCaro, M. Nieves ; Trenzado, José L. ; Galván, Salvador ; Romano, Esther ; González González, Juan Emilio ; Alcalde, Rafael; Aparicio, Santiago
2014Structure of alkylcarbonate + n-alkane mixed fluidsGarcía, Gregorio; Trenzado, José L. ; Alcalde, Rafael; Rodríguez-Delgado, Ana; Atilhan, Mert; Aparicio, Santiago
2015Characterization of Amide-Alkanediol Intermolecular InteractionsAlcalde, Rafael; García, Gregorio; Trenzado, José Luis ; Atilhan, Mert; Aparicio, Santiago
2016Physicochemical insights on alkylcarbonate-alkanol solutionsAlcalde, Rafael; Atilhan, Mert; Trenzado, José Luis ; Aparicio, Santiago
2017Insights into glycol ether-alkanol mixtures from a combined experimental and theoretical approachAlcalde, Rafael; Gutiérrez, Alberto; Atilhan, Mert; Trenzado, José Luis ; Aparicio, Santiago