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1993Inhibition of Steroidogenesis in Neonatal Leydig Cells by Unknown Factor(s) Present in Spent Media of Androgen‐treated Cultured Testicular Cells from Adult RatsFanjul, L. F. ; González, Juan; Quintana, Jose J. ; Santana, Pino; Hernández, Inmaculada , et alArtículoj.1939-4640.1993.tb03252.x.pdf.jpg
1995Partial characterization of a thyrotropin releasing hormone-sensitive glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol in pituitary lactotrophesBenítez, Lourdes; Fanjul, Luisa F. ; Ruiz de Galarreta, C. M.; Quintana Aguiar, J. ; González Reyes, J., et alArtículo
1995Ceramide mediates tumor necrosis factor effects on P450-aromatase activity in cultured granulosa cellsHernandez, I ; Quintana, J ; Santana, Pino ; Llanes, Luz ; Gallardo, Germán , et alArtículo
1996Interleukin-1β stimulates sphingomyelin hydrolysis in cultured granulosa cells: Evidence for a regulatory role of ceramide on progesterone and prostaglandin biosynthesisSantana, Pino; Llanes, Luz; Hernández, Inmaculada ; Gonzalez-Robayna, Ignacio ; Tabraue, Carlos , et alArtículo
1996Estudio de la regulación del transporte de glucosa por gonadotrofinas y otros estímulos hormonales en la célula granulosa ováricaHernández González, Inmaculada Servanda Tesis doctoral847.pdf.jpg
1997Effect of the protein phosphatase inhibitor okadaic acid on FSH-induced granulosa cell steroidogenesisGonzález Reyes, J.; Santana, P. ; González Robaina, I. ; Cabrera Oliva, J.; Estévez, F. , et alArtículo
1997Induction of guanosine triphosphate-cyclohydrolase by follicle- stimulating hormone enhances interleukin-1β-stimulated nitric oxide synthase activity in granulosa cellsTabraue, Carlos ; Peñate, Raquel Diaz; Gallardo, German ; Hernandez Gonzalez, Inmaculada ; Quintana, José , et alArtículo
2000Isolation and characterization of mouse probasin: An androgen-regulated protein specifically expressed in the differentiated prostateJohnson, MA; Hernandez, I ; Wei, YL; Greenberg, NArtículo
2003Prostate-specific expression of p53(R172L) differentially regulates p21, Bax, and mdm2 to inhibit prostate cancer progression and prolong survivalHernandez, I ; Maddison, LA; Wei, YL; DeMayo, F; Petras, T, et alArtículo
2003The inducible isoform of CREM (inducible cAMP early repressor, ICER) is a repressor of CYP19 rat ovarian promoterMorales, V.; Gonzalez-Robayna, I. ; Hernandez, I ; Quintana, J ; Santana, P. , et alArtículo
2005Regulated expression of ADAMTS family members in follicles and cumulus oocyte complexes: Evidence for specific and redundant patterns during ovulationRichards, JS; Hernandez-Gonzalez, I ; Gonzalez-Robayna, Ignacio ; Teuling, E; Lo, Y, et alArtículo
2005Cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) express the EGF-like factor amphiregulin that impacts not only induction of COX-2 in these cells but also other genes associated with COC functionShimada, M; Hernandez-Gonzalez, I ; Gonzalez-Robayna, I ; Richards, JArtículo
2006Gene expression profiles of cumulus cell oocyte complexes during ovulation reveal cumulus cells express neuronal and immune-related genes: Does this expand their role in the ovulation process?Hernandez-Gonzalez, Inmaculada ; Gonzalez-Robayna, Ignacio ; Shimada, Masayuki; Wayne, Chad M.; Ochsner, Scott A., et alReseña
2006During ovulation pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) characteristic of immune cells are induced in cumulus oocyte complexes (COCs) to confer immune cell-like functionsShimada, Masayuki; Hernandez-Gonzalez, Inmaculada ; Gonzalez-Robanya, Ignacio; Richards, JoAnne S.Actas de congresos
2006Induced expression of pattern recognition receptors in cumulus oocyte complexes: Novel evidence for innate immune-like functions during ovulationShimada, Masayuki; Hernandez-Gonzalez, Inmaculada ; Gonzalez-Robanya, Ignacio; Richards, JoAnne S.Artículo
2006Paracrine and autocrine regulation of epidermal growth factor-like factors in cumulus oocyte complexes and granulosa cells: Key roles for prostaglandin synthase 2 and progesterone receptorShimada, Masayuki; Hernandez-Gonzalez, Inmaculada ; Gonzalez-Robayna, Ignacio ; Richards, JoAnne S.Artículo
2007Constitutively active FOXO1a and a DNA-binding domain mutant exhibit distinct co-regulatory functions to enhance progesterone receptor A activityRudd, Michael D.; Gonzales-Robayna, Ignacio ; Hernández, Inmaculada ; Weigel, Nancy L.; Bingman, Wiliam E., et alArtículo
2007Regulation of the expression of prostate apoptosis response protein 4 (Par-4) in rat granulosa cellsGonzález, Inmaculada Hernández ; Santana, Pino ; Gonzalez-Robayna, Ignacio ; Ferrer, Milagros ; Morales, Victoria, et alArtículo
2009FSH and FOXO1 Regulate Genes in the Sterol/Steroid and Lipid Biosynthetic Pathways in Granulosa CellsLiu, Zhilin; Rudd, Michael D.; Hernandez-Gonzalez, Inmaculata ; Gonzalez-Robayna, Ignacio ; Fan, Heng-Yu, et alArtículo
2011Intervención Enfermera En Pacientes Con Diabetes Tipo 2 Para Buen Uso Y Manejo De Las DietasSantana Hernández, Idoia ArantzazuTrabajo final de grado