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2012Valoración económica de las preferencias de los turistas por políticas de cambio climático en CanariasRodríguez Zubiaurre, Ana 
2016Pansharpening in coastal ecosystems using Worldview-2 imageryIbarrola-Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Marcello-Ruiz, Javier ; Gonzalo-Martin, Consuelo
2016Analysis of land and marine resources by processing high resolution satellite imagesIbarrola Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Gonzalo Martín, Consuelo; Marcello Ruiz, Francisco Javier 
2016Influence of pansharpening techniques in obtaining accurate vegetation thematic mapsIbarrola-Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Gonzalo-Martin, Consuelo; Marcello Ruiz, Francisco Javier 
2017Evaluation of dimensionality reduction techniques in hyperspectral imagery and their application for the classification of terrestrial ecosystemsIbarrola-Ulzurrun, E. ; Marcello, Javier ; Gonzalo-Martin, Consuelo
2017Vulnerable land ecosystems classification using spatial context and spectral indicesIbarrola-Ulzurrun, E. ; Gonzalo-Martín, Consuelo; Marcello, Javier 
2018Advanced classification of remote sensing high resolution imagery. An application for the management of natural resourcesIbarrola-Ulzurrun, Edurne ; Marcello, Javier ; Gonzalo-Martin, Consuelo