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1995Analysis of the atmosphere behaviour in the proximities of an orographic obstacleHernández, E.; Díaz, J.; Cana, L. C. ; García, A.Analysis_atmosphere_behaviour.pdf.jpg
1996Analysis of a mesoscale convective system development in the West Mediterranean AreaHernandez, E; Cana, L ; Diaz, J
1997Time Trends and Seasonal Variation of the Rainwater Chemical Composition in SpainGimeno, Luis; Sánchez, Modesto; Hernández, Emiliano; Cana, Luis 
1997A study of the evolution of the nocturnal boundary-layer height at the Central Nuclear de Almaraz (Spain): Diagnostic relationshipsGarcia, JA; Cancillo, ML; Cano, JL; Maqueda, G; Cana, L ; Yague, C
1998Relationship between trophospheric ozone and meteorological parametrs at Taliarte (Gran Canaria)Alonso Hernández, Héctor ; Cana, Luis ; Bacle González, B.; Sancho Díaz, Pedro1942.pdf.jpg
1998Arima model estimation for urban ozone at the Canary Islands and its relationship with other pollutantsCana, Luis ; Sancho Díaz, Pedro; Bacle González, B.4575.pdf.jpg
1998Mesoscale and synoptic conditions related to the 30 september 1997 flash flood in Alicante (Spain)Cana, Luis ; Gimeno, L.; Hernández, Emiliano; García, R.; Díaz, J.1963.pdf.jpg
1998Relationship between meteorological parameters and synoptic conditions with episodic periods at Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands)Cana, Luis ; Hernández-Guerra, Alonso ; Sancho Díaz, Pedro; Díaz, A.1977.pdf.jpg
1998Analysis of the Hirlam prediction for the 30 september 1997 flash flood in SpainGimeno, L.; Cana, Luis ; Hernández, Emiliano; García, R.; Díaz, J.4573.pdf.jpg
1998Mesoscale convective complexes over the western Mediterranean area during 1990-1994Hernández, E.; Cana, L ; Díaz, J.; García, R.; Gimeno, L.
2002The saharan dust episode of 26 february 2000 over the canary archipelago: A synoptic overviewCana, L. 
2002On the relationship between acid rain and cloud typeCana-Cascallar, Luis C. 
2005Coupling between the open ocean and the coastal upwelling region off northwest Africa: Water recirculation and offshore pumping of organic matterPelegrí Llopart,José Luis ; Aristegui, J ; Cana, L ; Gonzalez-Davila, M ; Hernandez-Guerra, A ; Hernández-León, S. ; Marrero-Diaz, A ; Montero, M. F. ; Sangrá Inciarte, Pablo ; Santana-Casiano, M 
2007Ocean circulation modelling in the Canary Archipelago within the ESEOO project frameworkCana, Luis ; Mason, Evan; Sangrà, Pablo; Grisolía Santos, Diana 0577435_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2010The impact of different surface parameterizations and vertical resolutions on the simulation of seabreeze episodes at the island of FuerteventuraCana, Luis ; Grisolía Santos, Diana EGU2010.pdf.jpg
2011Local flow under weak trade wind regimeCana, Luis ; Grisolía Santos, Diana ; Álvarez, L.EGU2011_01.pdf.jpg
2011Firsts results on the modelling of the Gran Canaria atmospheric wakeCana, Luis ; Grisolía Santos, Diana ; Álvarez Pérez, LeopoldoEGU2011_02.pdf.jpg
2014Dust deposits on La Graciosa Island (Canary Islands, Spain): Texture, mineralogy and a case study of recent dust plume transportMenéndez, Inmaculada ; Pérez-Chacón, Emma ; Mangas, José ; Tauler, Esperança; Engelbrecht, Johann P.; Derbyshire, Edward; Cana, Luis ; Alonso, Ignacio 
2017On the seasonal variability of the Canary Current and the Atlantic Meridional Overturning CirculationVélez Belchí,Pedro ; Perez Hernandez, Maria Dolores ; Casanova-Masjoan, Maria ; Cana, Luis ; Hernandez-Guerra, Alonso On_the_seasonal.pdf.jpg
2017Recirculation of the Canary current in fall 2014Hernandez-Guerra, Alonso ; Espino-Falcon, Elisabet; Vélez Belchí,Pedro ; Perez Hernandez, Maria Dolores ; Martinez-Marrero, Antonio ; Cana, Luis