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2009Orality in the Middle English Medical Recipes of G.U.L. Hunter 185Quintana Toledo, Elena Capítulo de libro
2009Middle english medical recipes: A metadiscursive approachQuintana Toledo, Elena Artículo
2012Corpus of Early English Recipes: design and implementationAlonso Almeida, Francisco ; Ortega Barrera, Ivalla ; Quintana Toledo, Elena Capítulo de libro
2012Beyond the Appraisal Framework: Evaluation of Can and May in Introductions and Conclusions to Computing Research ArticlesQuintana Toledo, Elena ; Sánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther ArtículoBeyond_Appraisal_Framework.pdf.jpg
2012Bruce, Ian. 2011. Theory and Concepts of English for Academic Purposes. Basingtoke, uK: Palgrave Macmillan. p. 227.Quintana Toledo, Elena ReseñaRESEÑASLFE2012.pdf.jpg
2012Good as an Early Lexical evidential marker in Medical textsOrtega Barrera, Ivalla ; Quintana Toledo, Elena Capítulo de libro
2013Adverbial stance marking in the introduction and conclusion sections of legal research articlesAdams, Heather ; Quintana Toledo, Elena ArtículoDialnet-AdverbialStanceMarkingInTheIntroductionAndConclusi-4777902.pdf.jpg
2013The formulation of promise in English medical texts (1500-1600) : description and analysis from a relevance theory perspectiveQuintana Toledo, Elena Tesis doctoral0686898_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2014Teaching and learning stance in specialized English for computing. A corpus linguistics approachAlonso Almeida, Francisco ; López Brito, Belén ; Quintana Toledo, Elena Actas de congresos0719136_00000_0006.pdf.jpg
2015Corpus-based teaching of pragmaticsAlonso Almeida, Francisco ; Quintana Toledo, Elena Actas de congresos0719382_00000_0017.pdf.jpg
2015The status of may in Middle English medical writing. Evidence from Middle English Medical Texts and the Málaga Corpus of Late Middle English Scientific ProseAlonso-Almeida, Francisco ; Mulligan, Maureen ; Quintana Toledo, Elena Capítulo de libro
2016Input a Word, Analyze the WorldAlonso Almeida, Francisco ; Ortega Barrera, Ivalla ; Quintana Toledo, Elena ; Sánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther Libro
2017Vague language in the Corpus of Historical English TextsQuintana Toledo, Elena Capítulo de libro
2018-ly adverbs in the "Corpus of History English Texts" (1700-1900): a metadiscourse approachÁlvarez Gil, Francisco José Tesis doctoral0110020_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2020Modal verb categories in English medical abstractsQuintana Toledo, Elena ; Sánchez Cuervo, Margarita Esther Artículo
2020'In short tyme it wil heale the sore'. A relevance perspective of promising in medical utilitarian texts of the earl y modern english period. Núm 5Quintana Toledo, Elena ArtículoInshorttime.pdf.jpg