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1985Vascular Access For Hemodialysis - Treatment Of Stenotic Lesions By Percutaneous Trans-Luminal Angioplasty (Pta)Rodriguezperez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Maynar, M; Palop, L; Arrieta, J
1985Sclerosingencapsulating Peritonitis (Sep) In CapdRodriguezperez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Palop, L; Arrieta, J
1985Vascular Access For Hemodialysis - Treatment Of Stenotic Lesions By Trans-Luminal AngioplastyPerez, Jcr ; Toledano, Cp; Moliner, Mm; Lagares, Fm; Lezama, Ja; Cubillo, Lp
1985Fungal Peritonitis In Capd - Which Is The Best TreatmentRodriguezperez, Jc ; Plaza, C; Palop, L; Arrieta, J
1986Supervivencia de cinco modelos de catéteres de diálisis peritoneal. Cuatro años de seguimientoRodríguez Pérez, José Carlos ; Plaza Toledano, Celia; Palop, L.; Villalobos Hidalgo, J.; Rodríguez, A.
1986Treatment Of Fungal Peritonitis On CapdPerez, Jcr ; Toledano, Cp; Cubillo, Lp; Perez, Ar; Perez, Or
1986Hemolysis during hemodialysisRodriguez Perez, J. C. ; Palop Cubillo, L.; Villalobos Hidalgo, J.
1987Déficit de L-carnitina plasmática en los pacientes en DPCA y hemodiálisis. Situación a los 12 meses de tratamientoRodríguez Pérez, José Carlos ; Vega, N.; Plaza, C.; Fernández, A.; Palop, L.
1987Prevalence And Causes Of Osteomalacia (Om) In Uremic Patients Before Chronic Dialysis (Cd)Torres, A; Lorenzo, V; Rodriguez, Jc ; Nieto, Lh; Flores, Ld
1987Deficit of plasmatic L-carnitina in patients on DPCA and hemodialysis. Situation after 12 months of treatmentRodriguez Perez, J. C. ; Vega, N.; Plaza, C.; Fernandez, A.; Palop, L.
1987Fungal peritonitis in CAPD--which treatment is best?Rodriguez-Pérez, J. C. 
1988Percutaneous Trans-Luminal Dilatation In The Treatment Of Arterial-Hypertension Secondary To Renal-Transplant Artery-StenosisFernandez, A; Maynar, M; Perez, Jcr ; Vega, N; Plaza, C; Palop, L; Hortal, L; Reyes, R
1988Fungal Peritonitis In CapdPerez, Jcr ; Vega, N; Plaza, C; Fernandez, A; Santamaria, P; Palop, L
1988Enterocutaneous Fistula, A New Complication In Peritoneal-DialysisHortal, L; Perez, Jcr ; Vega, N; Felipe, Jr
1988Sepsis and death after embolization of host kidneys in a resistant renal hypertension transplanted patientRodríguez-Pérez, J. C. ; Maynar, M.; Palop, L.; Plaza, C.; Fernández, A.; Vega, N.Sepsis_death_embolization.pdf.jpg
1988Bone Histological-Changes After 1 Year On Capd In 28 PatientsRodriguez, Jc ; Lorenzo, V; Torres, A
1988Colonic diverticulosis and CAPDVega, N.; Rodriguez Perez, J. C. ; Plaza, C.; Fernandez, A.; Palop, L.
1988Seis años con pacientes diabéticos en DPCARodriguez Perez, J. C. ; Vega, N.; Plaza, C.; Palop, L.; Fernández Rodríguez, Antonio Jesús 
1988Acquired cystic disease of the kidney in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) patientsRodriguez-Perez, J. C. ; Camano, T.; Fernandez, A.; Plaza, C.; Palop, L.; Gragera, F.; Vega, N.
1988Predictive Value Of Clinical And Biochemical Data On The Osteomalacic (Om) Form Of Renal Osteodystrophy (Ro) - Discriminant-Analysis Of 100 CasesTorres, A; Hernandez, D; Lorenzo, V; Rodriguez, Jc ; Balaguer, G; Gonzalezposada, Jm; Losada, M; Maceira, B; Nieto, Lh